Brick inspiration in the bedroom

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Brick inspiration in the bedroom

Brick has been one of the most fashionable wall finishes for several seasons. In the bedroom, whitewashed or red brick is most often used – both fit almost every interior design.

Brick as an ideal wall finish in the bedroom

Brick has great decorative qualities – it adds elegance and class to the interior, but you cannot overdo it. In bedroom only one brick wall or even its fragment is enough. In old houses or tenement houses it is enough to remove plaster in order to obtain beautiful authentic bricks which only need to be cleaned and impregnated – they fit perfectly in loft interiors

Brick is one of the more expensive materials for interior decoration. It can be perfectly replaced by gypsum-like brick tiles or clinker tiles. Both materials have very many advantages – the main ones include:

  • price,
  • weight,
  • ease of installation,
  • various colors.

Brick-like gypsum tiles are a great material for a quick metamorphosis of the interior.

10 bedroom inspirations with brick in the leading role

Bedroom with red brick

A red brick wall in the bedroom doesn’t need any accessories. The decoration itself is the texture and color of the brick. When there is a red brick in the bedroom, light wood, whitewashed, gray and black furniture will go perfectly with it.

Red brick in industrial style

Red brick in New York style

Brick in loft interior

Brick in glamour style

Brick in classic bedroom

Bedroom with white brick

White brick is a great decoration for bedroom. It will work especially well in interiors in industrial, loft or modern style. Such a brick also suits to a feminine romantic bedroom. White brick gives charm to the interior.

Inspirations with white brick:

Advantages and disadvantages of brick on the wall

The main advantages of brick on the wall in the bedroom are:

  • versatility – fits into any interior,
  • durability and strength,
  • excellent heat insulation,
  • soundproofing properties,
  • aesthetics – creates an amazing atmosphere in the bedroom

The main disadvantages of brick are:

  • price,
  • you can not finish thin walls with it – the brick weighs quite a lot and can destroy the wall,
  • optically reduces the space – this material takes quite a lot of space,
  • time needed to install a brick on the wall.

Brick is a great material to finish the interior, gives it charm and unique character.

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