Tropical inspiration for your bedroom

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Tropical inspiration for your bedroom

The theme of tropical plants in the interior is currently very fashionable. Plants add atmosphere to the interior and have a calming effect on us. How can you use a tropical theme in your bedroom?

A few words about the tropical theme

The tropical style is inspired by exotic nature. It comes in distinctive colors, patterns and motifs. Intense colors dominate in this style:

  • green,
  • fuchsia,
  • cobalt.

This style is primarily the ubiquitous green pattern

  • palm leaves,
  • bamboo stems.

These motifs are very popular especially on pillows and wall murals. The perfect complement to the color and tropical theme are natural materials, especially exotic wood, which perfectly reflects the tropical character.

Very important are also accessories, which are the proverbial dot on the “i” of the whole arrangement. The ideal accessories are:

  • a wooden frame,
  • fabrics with floral motifs,
  • shells,
  • coconut shells.

Tropical wall colors

Tropical style is primarily intense colors. However, many people are afraid that strong colors can visually reduce the bedroom. If you have a small room and want to decorate it in a tropical style, it is enough to paint only one wall or even a part of it.

Tropical jungle means power of intensive colors, so you should be inspired by nature when decorating your apartment in this style. However, it is worth remembering that intense colors may irritate your eyes. Therefore, the color base in the bedroom should be in neutral shades, which will improve your mood.

Tropical accessories in the bedroom

If you want your bedroom to have a tropical feel, but for some reason you cannot afford a complete renovation, do not worry. You don’t need a lot of money to give your bedroom a tropical feel. Often, all it takes is a few accessories to transform the look of your bedroom.

You can find many interesting accessories that match this style in home furnishing stores. A wallpaper with flamingos or palm leaves motif will be perfect for a bedroom wall. Wall murals with equatorial jungle are also a good idea.

When you want to create a tropical style in your bedroom, you do not have to limit yourself to just the walls. An interesting solution is a tropical leaf motif on bedding or pillows.

Lighting in your bedroom can also be exotic. Nature-inspired lamps are perfect for this.

The trendy tropical foliage motif

One of the most important elements of this style is the tropical leaf motif, which can appear on

  • curtains,
  • bedding,
  • bedspreads,
  • decorative pillows,
  • lamps.

This motif appears very often in various shades of green. It looks great when combined with pink flamingos.

Wood is the perfect complement to the tropics

When you decorate your bedroom in a tropical style, it is worth taking care of a large number of wooden elements, which go well with the theme of leaves.

The best choice will be tropical wood – it’s one of the most expensive available on the market. Therefore, it is worth choosing such wood in which the grain will be nicely visible – this will emphasize the atmosphere of the entire interior. Wooden elements should only be covered with a clear varnish – the tropical style is about replicating nature as closely as possible.

Live plants

A bedroom in this style should not lack live plants, which look like tropical palms and have health-promoting properties. In such an interior they are perfect:

  • yucca,
  • dracaena,
  • areca,
  • liwistona,
  • feathery asparagus,
  • monstera.

Plants of the palm species are not difficult to cultivate. They are ideal plants for forgetful people – some species should be watered only once a week.

Tropical style is great for people who want to combine closeness to nature with elegance.

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