What to do so that the chair does not scratch the floor in the office?

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What to do so that the chair does not scratch the floor in the office?

Proper organization of an office is really important, not only when we think about work efficiency but also comfort. One of the most important aspects is choosing the right chairs, on which we or our employees will spend long hours. Another related issue, both practical and aesthetic, will be preventing unprotected chair legs or castors from scratching the floor. How can you do this so that the seat fulfills its purpose and looks good at the same time? 

If you want a scratch-free and undamaged floor at your desk, whether it’s wood, laminate or carpet, you need to protect the surface. Scratches are not the only signs of heavy use. There can be abrasions, warping, cracks, scratches, tarnishing, discoloration and even holes. It turns out that protecting your floor is not at all complicated or expensive, so it’s not even worth considering. 

A chair on the right wheels

When we don’t have a chosen chair yet and we care about preserving the best look of our floor, especially if it’s wooden or paneled, it’s worth considering buying a chair equipped with wheels covered with a special coating preventing scratching. Usually these wheels are made of silicone which minimizes friction. What’s more, they are more convenient in everyday use as they provide us with greater stability and also increase the comfort of the chair. The cost of such a solution is not big and often simply included in the price. 

Timeless felt 

When in the office we have to deal with traditional chairs without swivel castors, they also require appropriate protection. In this case felt pads glued to the legs work perfectly. There are different shapes and thicknesses available on the market, so everyone will find something for themselves. For those who prefer more modern options, we also recommend silicone pads, which work on a similar principle, but in their case moving the chair will be slightly more difficult and less comfortable. The pads also dampen noise and prevent the chairs from clattering on the floor. 

Pads and mats

The most popular option, which will work on almost any surface and with any type of chair, are pads, which we simply spread out at the desk, in a place exposed to scratches caused by the use of a chair. This is a solution particularly recommended by manufacturers, especially when the floor panels we choose do not have high resistance to abrasion. Moreover, they will work well on any surface. These mats can be made, for example, of polypropylene, polycarbonate or polyvinyl chloride and it is up to us to decide their color and possible decorations. If we care about not covering the beauty of the floor, we can successfully choose the transparent option. They are light, resistant to moisture and scratches. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to glue them to the floor to protect them from curling. 

When choosing a mat, size will be important. It has to cover the whole surface of the floor, on which the chair can move, so it cannot be too small. In this case, the more the better, especially if, for example, you happen to drive the chair to a colleague’s desk or to the printer. 

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