Which kitchen furniture front to choose?

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Which kitchen furniture front to choose?

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Are you planning to renovate your kitchen or maybe you are inventing its decor from scratch? If you are wondering which fronts to choose for your kitchen furniture, read our article.

When it comes to kitchens, elegant minimalism is still fashionable. It is worth betting on modern and coherent buildings, from floor to ceiling. If you want to follow this trend, skip the decorative elements. Instead, opt for finishes with expressive textures or beautiful colors.

Hiding appliances behind fronts is also not out of fashion. The countertop, which will be cleared of unnecessary objects, will provide a much better comfort of work, and the interior will be more organized and harmonious. Therefore, it is important that the chosen fronts of kitchen furniture were consistent with the entire decor of the room. A wide selection of fronts can be found on elwi.pl.

Smooth and matte fronts

The place of decorative handles is more and more often taken by touchless systems of opening cabinets. Not only that this solution is functional, but also very aesthetic. Kitchen trends are turning away from glossy surfaces in favour of furniture with a smooth, matt finish. That is why there is a growing interest in noble types of wood, such as oak or ash. Furniture made from them adds warmth to interiors, while at the same time perfectly fitting into a modern kitchen design. Furniture for kitchens made of wood or veneered board – in 2021 there will be increased interest in noble species of wood, such as walnut, ash or oak. Furniture made of them adds warmth to the interiors, and at the same time perfectly fits into the modern design of the kitchen.

Coloured fronts

An interesting trend is a kitchen in color. If you like to experiment with decor, you can confidently reach for navy blue, green or burgundy fronts. Despite appearances, color can be introduced into the interior maintained in any style. Black and white space will look beautiful with the color of the sea, for example. If you are afraid of strong arrangements, you can opt for furniture development in two colors. Contrasting top and bottom of the furniture is an increasingly fashionable theme. If the fronts of the lower cabinets will have an intense color, the upper ones can be neutral. This will make that more flashy colors will not overwhelm the kitchen space, but will add to its unique character.

White is not equal to white

If you want to opt for white fronts for kitchen cabinets, pay attention to their shade. The color you choose will also determine the choice of accessories and other colors in the kitchen. Ivory white fronts juxtaposed with snow white walls or countertops will optically appear darker.

Not only the color is important

In addition to color, a very important element in the choice of kitchen fronts is their material. They can be acrylic, lacquered, wood, foiled, veneered or Polygloss. The choice of material depends mainly on what kind of countertops will be in your kitchen. Acrylic fronts are a good choice for people who appreciate clarity of surface. It is possible, for example, fronts in very deep matte or high gloss. In this case, however, the range of available colors is smaller than with lacquered fronts. These, in turn, are good for anyone who appreciates minimalism. Manufacturers ensure that fronts made of Polygloss panels are a guarantee that the kitchen will withstand any damage. Such fronts are resistant to scratches and dents and to chemicals.

Whether you opt for a more or less traditional solution, remember that the most important thing when choosing kitchen fronts should be that they are consistent with the overall design of your kitchen.

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