Smart bathroom solutions at a glance

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Smart bathroom solutions at a glance

A modern bathroom does not have to look like a room from futuristic visions. That’s why we gathered the most interesting smart solutions dedicated to bathrooms in one place, especially for lovers of functional interiors

How intelligent solutions change bathrooms?

Modern bathroom is more than just a room where we take care of our hygiene and satisfy our physiological needs. More and more often it is a place of rest and relaxation after a hard day. The use of intelligent solutions, which are provided by modern technologies, makes it much more pleasant and comfortable. Sometimes these elements do not require large financial outlays, but only planning them at the time of conducting a renovation or designing this interior. So it’s a good idea to learn more about them so that you can benefit from them in the future

Top five smart bathroom solutions for the 21st century

Here are our top five subjective smart solutions for the bathroom with stunning results

Active glass

The first of them is the use of active glass, which under the influence of electricity changes its transparency. This type of element in the bathroom allows the glass to remain transparent when we want to illuminate a given fragment with light falling on the whole room and at the same time guarantee full privacy in a few seconds. It is enough to press a button to change the properties of such glass. Thanks to the use of an appropriate class of tightness it is completely safe to use, even in contact with water

Mirror with built-in screen

Another solution is designed for lovers of morning news. With a mirror with a built-in screen, you will no longer have to brush your teeth in the living room while dripping toothpaste on the carpet. Just press a button and an image will be displayed on the surface of the mirror. A mirror with a screen is also a great idea for an evening bath with candlelight and your favorite comedy. It’s sure to impress our guests, too

Remote mood control

You know those moments when after a hard day you dream of nothing more than coming home and taking a hot, relaxing bath by candlelight? And did you know that if you dream about it at work, you can already remotely plan and arrange it? This solution involves controlling the lighting and water supply remotely and is referred to as setting the scene. With it, you can use your smartphone and an app to set the bathtub to fill with water at a certain temperature and turn off the lights, creating a great mood. With another of the solutions discussed, it is also possible to turn on your favorite music

Built-in sound system

Another solution that should not be missing in a modern bathroom is a built-in sound system. Most often this type of speakers are mounted in the ceiling or in the upper parts of the walls. They allow you to connect with them remotely via WiFi or Bluetooth, so you can forget about playing music from your phone or portable speakers once and for all. A great advantage of this solution is that the speakers used in them are completely resistant to moisture, so the sound quality is always perfect

Remote lighting

The last solution we offer is remote-controlled lighting. The budget version can simply use bulbs that turn on automatically when motion is detected. However, a more convenient option are lamps controlled by applications for devices that allow you to set with them light intensity, time of shining or color temperature, affecting our mood

All the solutions mentioned above are available on the market and you can successfully apply them in your bathroom. Thanks to this, it will gain a new, better dimension and will become a friendly place for everyone!

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