Shower tray – how to choose?

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Shower tray – how to choose?

Are you renovating your bathroom and wondering what shower tray to choose? Remember that not only the shape of the shower tray is important, but also the material from which it is made. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Which shower tray should I choose?

Shower trays made of different materials are available on the market. The most popular are acrylic shower trays, but does the most popular really mean the best? Before you decide to buy an acrylic shower tray, check out our comparison of its features with those of conglomerate shower trays, which have been gaining popularity for some time now.

Acrylic shower tray – advantages and disadvantages

At first, we would like to focus on the features of acrylic shower trays. Let’s see if they really are the best option!

Advantages of acrylic shower trays:

  • they are lightweight and their installation is easy – this is an especially important feature if you decide to install them yourself. Acrylic shower trays are mounted on a special base of polystyrene or foam, but it is worth knowing that there are also self-supporting models; 
  • They are universal – the multitude of shapes (rectangular, square, semicircular, round, corner, etc.) and sizes of acrylic shower trays is definitely in their favor. You can easily choose the shape and size that will fit your bathroom;
  • They are durable and it is very easy to hide scratches and chips – acrylic shower trays, although lightweight, are durable. However, if you scratch the shower tray, it is very easy to remove the blemish – just apply liquid acrylic;
  • have a smooth and warm to the touch surface – people who like warmth will appreciate it for this;
  • are relatively cheap – however, it is worth spending a little more, since the cheapest models are usually not of very good quality.

Disadvantages of acrylic shower trays:

  • they can start to creak – to avoid this, it is worth opting for an acrylic shower tray that has been reinforced with fibreglass;
  • They dull if they are cleaned with abrasive cleaners;
  • The cheapest models can turn yellow or tarnish even if they have been cleaned with the right products, which is why we recommend buying an acrylic shower tray from at least the middle price range.

Conglomerate shower tray – advantages and disadvantages

A conglomerate shower tray is made from a mixture that includes natural marble. Does it affect the characteristics of the shower tray? Definitely yes! You will find more details below.

Advantages of conglomerate shower trays:

  • they are very durable – marble is a stone that is very durable and this feature also applies to conglomerate shower trays. By opting for this model, you don’t have to worry that after some time your shower tray will have unsightly chips or scratches;
  • They are aesthetic – the combination of marble and substances that give shine looks very good and increases the aesthetics of the bathroom;
  • They are smooth, stain resistant and pleasant to the touch;
  • they are light – this feature may be surprising, after all, they are made of ground marble. Thanks to the fact that they do not weigh much, they are easy to install;
  • They are versatile – in stores you will find a large range of conglomerate shower trays in different shapes and sizes. They are also available in different colors (white, black, and even brown and green).

Disadvantages of conglomerate shower trays:

  • They are more expensive than acrylic shower trays. 

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