How to create a modern and functional place for remote work?

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How to create a modern and functional place for remote work?

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The coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the fact that many companies have introduced the possibility of working from home. Remote work model is most often chosen by freelancers – graphic designers, illustrators, copywriters, translators, editors or recruiters. Remote work has many advantages, but it requires the employee to have technical skills, self-organization of work and creation of a comfortable work station. Read how to skillfully organize a home office.

The right electronic equipment

A computer with access to the network is a basic tool for remote work. It is worth investing in a wide monitor, which will allow you to work on multiple windows at the same time, and will be more comfortable for your eyesight

Prolonged office work – especially when done in front of a standard screen and in low light – can cause considerable discomfort. With a large diagonal monitor and usability technologies like blue light filter, getting work done will be more enjoyable and efficient. Graphic designers in particular, who use specialized software on a daily basis, should invest in a high-quality monitor, which will allow you to take better care of the details of your project. You can find a wide selection of monitors and computer accessories at

Ergonomics of work

It is worth taking care of the proper ergonomics of office work, which in the long run translates into greater efficiency and better well-being

First of all, a chair for remote work should have an adjustable seat and backrest height. The seat should be set at such a height that the arms placed on the desk form a right angle at the elbow. For good posture, your knees should be bent at a ninety degree angle to the floor. If you don’t have a height-adjustable desk, you can use a footrest to keep your feet flat on the floor.

Nowadays, sit-to-stand desks, which allow you to adjust the height of the top and change your posture frequently, are very popular. The surface of the desk should be wide enough to accommodate a computer with all the necessary accessories for work. If you struggle with neck and neck pain, invest in a monitor stand. A screen placed at eye level will reduce tension in the shoulders and neck.

Space to suit your needs

When it comes to home office décor, neutral colors that are gentle on the eyes will work well. Make sure the space is quiet from outside noises. Lighting and access to fresh air are also very important for the workplace. The source of light should not be placed directly behind the screen, so as not to strain the eyes and distract attention from the monitor. The room in which we work should be regularly ventilated. If the air quality is not satisfactory, it is worth investing in an air purifier or equipping the house with plants.

Long-lasting work in front of a computer requires regular breaks – they should be taken after each hour of work in front of the screen. Following health and safety rules while working remotely is very important for your health. It is worth taking care of the balance between work and rest, as well as separating eating areas from the workplace. People who work remotely should also indulge in regular physical activity and get periodic eye exams.

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