How to clean leather dining room chairs?

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How to clean leather dining room chairs?

Leather furniture will never go out of fashion, as it is a very elegant and stylish addition to the interior. How to clean leather chairs to enjoy their appearance for a long time?

Leather chairs are synonymous with luxury. They are usually made of cowhide or calf leather.

Leather chairs – an investment for years

Leatherchairs are an investment for years – they are expensive, but if you take proper care of them, they will serve you for many years. Natural leather is one of the most durable upholstery materials. To ensure that leather chairs will serve their purpose for many years of trouble-free use, proper maintenance and cleaning should be applied.

How should leather chairs be cared for?

An old saying says that leather chairs should be taken care of like your own skin. So let’s use cosmetics of the highest quality, without alcohol and artificial preservatives.

Gentle, natural products will be the best. Those that have alcohol and preservatives in their composition can have a bad impact on the delicate leather of the chair, discolor it or cause it to crack.

How to clean leather furniture?

The preparation to be used for leather chairs, should first be tested in an invisible place. This way you can make sure that the leather reacts well to the detergent.

6 tips for cleaning leather chairs

  1. Any stains and dirt should be cleaned “fresh” before they penetrate too much into the leather.
  2. If the chair has been stained with grease, wipe it down with a dry paper towel and then wait for the leather to absorb the excess grease.
  3. If the chair has been stained with a product other than grease, immediately wash the stained area with a solution of water and dishwashing liquid.
  4. The ideal preparation for cleaning leather chairs is “universal stone”, which is a fully ecological agent for safe cleaning of leather. This product removes even the toughest stains, such as these, without harming the leather:
    1. from markers,
    2. from a ballpoint pen,
    3. from poster paints.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this agent is its high price – about 100 zł.

  1. A great way to clean and refresh leather chairs is to mix vinegar with oil (1:1), and then pour the solution into a spray bottle. If the smell of vinegar is too irritating, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the solution. The emulsion should then be sprayed on the chairs and wiped gently with a paper towel.
  2. Leather chairs should also be vacuumed regularly. This should be done very gently, on the lowest possible speed of the vacuum cleaner.

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How to moisten leather furniture?

After each cleaning of leather chairs should be properly maintained. The best way to do this is:

  • olive oil,
  • baby oil.

Each of the above preparations should be rubbed into the upholstery with a cloth and left for several hours. The procedure is best done in the evening, so that in the morning you can use the chair without fear of getting your clothes dirty.

Twice a year, you should rub beeswax into the leather on the furniture and wait for about 2 hours. After this time, it is best to wipe them with a wool cloth.

What do leather chairs dislike?

To keep leather chairs in good condition for as long as possible:

  • there must be adequate humidity in the room where they are located;
  • do not use strong chemicals for cleaning;
  • do not soak leather furniture;
  • use only pastes designed for natural leather;
  • be careful with animals that like to scratch leather surfaces.
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