Lush shrubs for the garden – TOP10

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Lush shrubs for the garden – TOP10

You don’t have to wait several years to enjoy beautiful shrubs in your garden. Just buy the right plant species and the effects will appear really quickly

TOP 10 most popular lush shrubs for the garden

  1. Buduleia David (Butterfly Bush) – blooms from July to October, has beautiful large flowers, grows to a height of 4 m,
  2. Hydrangea – is one of the most beautiful and very easy to cultivate shrubs, reaches a height of max. 1,5 m,
  3. Western rhododendron – is a species of the cypress family, grows up to 20 m high,
  4. Sumac acetate – beautifully colored in autumn, grows up to 5 m,
  5. Ligustrum the most popular plant for hedges. It is very resistant to pollution, grows up to 3 m high,
  6. Jasmine – beautifully fragrant climber, grows up to 3 m high,
  7. Coral Kalina – spreading shrub, up to 5 m high. It has red, scarlet fruits,
  8. Bladderwort – does not have high position requirements, grows up to 2 m high,
  9. Common dogwood – has low growing requirements, grows up to 5 m,
  10. Five-leaved gra pevine – a melliferous plant with poisonous fruits, grows 1-2 m per year.

How to choose the right fast growing plants?

Nowadays, haste has taken over every area of our lives. Everyone wants to have everything quickly and easily – the same goes for a beautiful garden. Unfortunately, nature has its own rules and growing plants takes time.

It may seem that if you buy more mature specimens of shrubs and grass from a roll, you can quickly have a beautiful garden. This is a very costly and risky solution and the shrubs will need intensive care and fertilizers if they are to thrive. Instead of wrestling with nature, you should choose species of shrubs and trees that grow intensively.

Start planning your garden with lush trees and shrubs. These will help to screen you from “nosy” neighbors. When choosing shrubs and trees for your garden, remember that the species that grow slowly are long-lived, while those that grow quickly age just as quickly.

Choosing the right shrubs for your garden

Before choosing shrubs for your garden, consider whether you’ll be placing small architecture in your garden in the future, such as ponds, a gazebo, or a stone barbecue. This is very important because the location of such elements determines where the shrubs will be planted.

When choosing plants you should take into account the sunlight in a given part of the garden – some shrubs prefer sunny positions, others prefer moderate. Another important element to consider is the size of the garden. If it is small, it is a good idea to forgo trees in favor of shrubs that can be supplemented with other plants.

Fast-growing trees and shrubs

Every garden should include trees with a dense crown – they’ll provide the perfect wind protection for other plants and privacy for homeowners. The fastest growing trees are:

  • lindens,
  • ash trees,
  • red oaks,
  • common maple,
  • sycamore.

Fast growing shrubs are perfect for any garden. However, for small gardens it is recommended to choose shrubs with a small crown e.g:

  • acacia sumac,
  • hydrangea,
  • bougainvillea,
  • three-striped gleditsia,
  • useful birch,
  • larch,
  • douglas fir,
  • black pine,
  • serbian spruce,
  • western redcedar.

Fast-growing shrubs with colorful leaves

Colorful leaves on shrubs can be found not only in autumn, but also throughout the year. A garden with a shrub with colored leaves seems to be more interesting – this kind of shrub brings positive energy to the garden by brightening it up. The purple color of the leaves adds mystery and nonchalance to the garden, it is an ideal background for flowers in shades of pink and purple.

Shrubs with mottled leaves enliven the garden composition, but an excess of them is tiring to the eyes. Colorful varieties of shrubs should be treated only as an addition to the garden composition.

Fast-growing shrubs for the hedge

When starting a garden, many people want to separate themselves from the surroundings as quickly as possible. This is best done with a hedge, which is also an ideal background for other plants. Besides, the sheltered space adds privacy. To ensure a fast-growing hedge, it is worth betting on:

  • common dew,
  • barberry,
  • bladderworts,
  • coral kalm,
  • jasmine.

If the garden is not large, it is worth choosing shrubs that can be formed, eg:

  • ligustrum,
  • cedar.

Fast-growing vines

Many species of climbers grow very fast. They can cover fences, arbours or even houses. The most popular climber species include:

  • five-leaf grapevine,
  • clematis with white and yellow flowers,
  • pomeranian honeysuckle.

Lush, fast-growing shrubs for the garden are ideal for the impatient.

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