The modern teenager room – check out our ideas

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The modern teenager room – check out our ideas

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The teenage years are not the easiest of times for both teenagers and their parents. This is the period when the need for self-expression and reluctance to conform to the existing rules are born in teenagers. At this point in life, it is often time to modify the look of a room that is already becoming too childish for its occupant. Here are some ideas on how to decorate a teenager’s room in a modern and fashionable way

Personalized elements

At the age of teenagers, the need to personalize and adjust their space to their current preferences is extremely strong. It is a good idea to allow your child to incorporate elements related to hobbies or interests into their room

Posters are a very popular way for teenagers to decorate their four walls. A favorite football player, actor or k-pop star to look at all day is a dream of many a teenage girl. However, pages with pictures of idols torn out of colourful magazines look messy, stuck to the wall with adhesive tape. In order to keep the aesthetics of the room, it is worth to frame the posters and only then hang them over the bed or desk. This way the folded corners will not irritate the parents’ eyes.

It is also a good idea to introduce textiles referring to the teenager’s interests, for example cushions, carpets or curtains with a motif of his/her choice. You can buy the latter at

Originality and modernity

Teenagers usually follow trends and are up to date with them. They certainly have in their social media saved pictures of their dream room or elements that they want to be included in it

If as a parent you can’t afford to buy all these things, let your child choose at least one or set an amount that they can use for trendy room furnishings. On trend lately are very original and unusual lamps. Youth chandelier will be characterized by an unusual light, and it will probably be complemented by a large bulb with an orange filament

Another interesting idea for giving the room a youthful climate is to use a large number of small accessories. With this method, however, you need to be careful if the room is small. It may turn out that the space with too many decorations will seem cluttered and chaotic

Neutral background

The safest and most universal base for all kinds of room arrangements are bright walls in a neutral color. White may prove too cool and sterile, but light shades of beige or gray will work great in any teenager’s room. This way you will avoid another paint job when the fascination with pink or purple is over. Let textiles and accessories be the dominant colors in the room, and not such large and difficult to change elements as paint on the walls

Another advantage of bright wall colors is that on their background all kinds of accessories and distinctive elements stand out much more clearly. So it is a very easy way to highlight favorite places or objects. Thanks to neutral colors, it is also easy to quickly change the decor in the room by changing accessories and decorations, so in the period of self-exploration and fondness for frequent changes, it is worth to give teenagers a universal base.

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