Decorations in glamour style to add variety to your interior

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Decorations in glamour style to add variety to your interior

Do you dream about decorating your interior in glamour style? Wondering what accessories to choose? Check our suggestions! This trend combines classic Hollywood glamour with modern touches. The glam look is characterised by elegant, luxurious fabrics and eye-catching metals

Go for neutral shades!

When introducing a glamour theme into your space, consider the color scheme. Look for neutral shades of white, cream, and gray. They create a discreet background that encourages experimentation. Match it with furnishings such as carpet, curtains and walls. You can add darker colors to your furniture and accessories. Black, navy blue, white, or bottle green will work perfectly here. Also consider pastels and monochromatic and jewel tones

When it comes to choosing large pieces of decor, you can opt for something bolder that fits the glamour style. Think elegant, cozy upholstery and quilted decorations. Made-to-measure curtains and cushions will also work well here.

Always remember the 60-30-10 rule, using a three-color palette. Decorate 60% of the room with a dominant color, 30% with a secondary shade, and 10% with another accent color. Typically, neutral shades are used as the dominant (primary) color. If you like bold solutions, you can always change this. Just remember that if you choose a distinct shade as the dominant one, the rest of the room should be in neutral colors so your eyes can rest.

Glamour decorations – add a touch of glamour

While neutrals form the basis of the glam theme, what really sets it apart from other trends is the glitz and glamour. This style encourages experimentation. Mirrored furniture is becoming increasingly popular. Remember to use common sense when shopping. Too much glass will overwhelm the interior. Also pay attention to metallic accents

Once you’ve added a touch of glamour to your room, choose the right glamour style lighting. For the living room, dining room, and bedroom, a crystal chandelier is the perfect choice to add a touch of glamour to the room. If you are decorating a small space, opt for an elegant plafond. Match it with striking floor and table lamps.

Weave in the glamour of old Hollywood

The glamour theme comes from the iconic old Hollywood. This glamour will provide an eye-catching finish to your interior. Look out for items with rich embellishments. Play with textures when choosing different fabrics. Faux fur and velvet fit perfectly into this style. To emphasize the luxurious nature of the interior, be sure to choose furniture with geometric patterns and sculptural lines

Play with colors and prints

Glamour interiors are full of expression, so don’t be afraid of bold colors and flashy patterns. Choose your favorite color or pattern and then build the entire arrangement around it. Make sure that other subtle hues match the design. Prepare a palette of 2-3 colors (including a neutral color). Patterns such as damask, scales, four-leaf ornaments, or geometric figures are inspired by art deco style. Modern decorations in glamour style and shapes (stripes, pure geometry and herringbone) will also add chic to the room. Animal prints, on the other hand, such as leopard, leopard print, zebra print, or tiger print, can be used on a rug or pillows.

Enter shapes

Ditch the boxy and modular furniture in favour of more original furnishing elements. This will give the interior a unique character. Look for lighting fixtures and chairs in unusual shapes. Enrich the decor with a luxurious mirror, sophisticated wall decorations, or an elegant, cozy rug. Remember, however, to choose only 2-3 of them. This will help to maintain harmony in the rooms

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