Kitchen in glamour style – get inspired!

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Kitchen in glamour style – get inspired!

Kitchen in glamour style is still a popular trend in interior design. This style does not mean that the interior must be dripping with gold and silver. Sometimes it is enough to distribute color accents a bit differently to make a room stand out in an original way.

Does a glamour kitchen have to be very large?

Aglamour kitchen, arranged in a style appealing to those who like a touch of glamour, is rather associated with spacious interiors. Practice shows that even in a small space, you can play with lighting, well-chosen furniture and accessories to reduce the feeling of lack of space

At the same time, we have a choice of different types of glamour kitchens. Among them:

  • glamour kitchen with wood,
  • glamour kitchen with an island,
  • glamour kitchen combined with living room.

A glamorous balance of black and white

The glamour kitchen should efficiently combine black and white. These two colors enriched with high gloss can be found on the walls, but also:

  • on the floors,
  • on the kitchen cabinets,
  • on richly upholstered chairs.

It will be a good idea to keep the whole in a modern style. It is worth opting for grandiose accessories with very expressive accents

Furniture in a glamour kitchen

In a glamorous kitchen, it is the furniture that should play the main role, creating a feeling of luxury. The purpose of arranging a glamour kitchen may be:

  • subdued elegance,
  • full glamour, which, however, is not to everyone’s liking

Furniture should be made in high gloss. It will be very important to use the right lighting, which will allow you to give the whole intended effect of wealth and splendor. However, you should think about the floor: should it also be shiny? Be careful not to overdo it.

Remember also that glamour kitchens should be dominated by smooth spaces – visually reminiscent of silk

The role of lighting in space arrangement

Lighting in a glamour kitchen should be used properly. It is not a passive element, but is largely responsible for the success of the styling – reflected in the shiny surfaces of the furniture, it can make the room itself seem optically larger. A very good choice will be a magnificent chandelier, such as a crystal one, with crystals or a modernist one made of fancifully curved elements in silver color.

Kitchen glamour – what are its disadvantages?

Although the kitchen in the glamour style has many advantages, we should not forget about its disadvantages, which for some may prove too important and determine the change of interior design. The comments of critics of such styling focus on the fact that:

  • It is not practical: it is less functional than kitchens with furniture with matte finish of individual surfaces. High gloss is always more prone to dirt, the visibility of fingerprints, dust particles, dirt and especially grease residue.
  • It is difficult to keep it clean – wiping with a dry or damp cloth will not always help – sometimes it is necessary to reach for special preparations, which will not only remove the already formed traces, but also create a protective coating.
  • It is not durable – a glamour kitchen is susceptible to discoloration due to sunlight or moisture damage
  • It is very ”artificial” – we may feel as if we are in an overly sterile, cool and unpleasant interior

Timeless design

Kitchen glamour is certainly not an idea for arranging a space for everyone. However, it is worth noting at the end that the arrangement of the room in this style is part of a trend that is timeless. Glamour, glamour and elegance will always be fashionable and appreciated. If only we do not overdo any of the elements, we will become owners of a kitchen arranged in a way that will testify to our sophisticated taste and good taste

Nowadays, arranging such a space has become easier: internet provides a lot of inspiration and possibilities. Guidebooks, stores, and even webinars – all this should help in our independent search for a glamour style that will inspire us to create a wonderful interior

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