Retro fridge – which one to choose and what to match it with?

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Retro fridge – which one to choose and what to match it with?

Very fashionable lately is equipping the kitchen with retro-style appliances. More and more people are abandoning the traditional forms of household appliances. How to fit a retro fridge into the kitchen?

Does a retro fridge fit in every kitchen?

Retro style appliances have been very trendy for the past few seasons. Refrigerators have an interesting design, thanks to which they are a great complement to any kitchen. Although many people think that such home appliances are old-fashioned, they are perfect for a contemporary interior.

The low retro fridges are a designer gadget

that will work well in a rented apartment. Refrigerators can fit into almost any style, all thanks to eclecticism, which allows you to combine seemingly incongruous things.

A freestanding retro fridge will be the perfect complement to a modern studio apartment with a kitchen open to the living room

. It will also work well in loft-style, industrial and Scandinavian interiors.

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Which fridge should I choose?

You can not unequivocally answer this question. Year after year, retro refrigerators are becoming more popular, thus, refrigerator manufacturers are expanding the range of refrigerator models styled in the 50s and 60s of the last century.

On the market you can find a very wide selection of different models of retro refrigerators, which differ only in color. The most popular fridges are cream or soft pastel colors, which will be a perfect complement to a romantic Provencal-style kitchen. Retro fridges in intense colors such as fiery red or steel black complement loft-style and modern kitchens. Thanks to this, the interior will gain a unique character.

Before buying a retro-style fridge, you should very carefully analyze your needs and expectations from home appliances.

What to consider when buying a retro fridge?

In addition to analyzing the technical specifications, it is worth paying attention to the parameters of the refrigerator:

  • dimensions of the appliance – before buying a fridge it’s worth checking if the chosen model will fit in the kitchen without any problems;
  • thecapacity of the fridge – if the family is large, the fridge with a capacity of 122 l will be the best, if the fridge is to be for a single, the ideal solution will be a small retro fridge;
  • thelevel of noise generated – an appliance that produces a high level of noise is very annoying. Retro refrigerators are no louder than 45 decibels;
  • theposition of the freezer – in most retro refrigerators, the freezer is located at the top of the refrigerator, although there are also models equipped with a freezer at the bottom;
  • theinterior of the fridge – the more shelves and drawers, the more convenient food storage is. Many retro fridge models have a DoorShlef system, which makes it easier to store eggs and jams, among other things;
  • automatic defrosting – retro fridges with no Frost are more economical than conventional fridges as they do not allow much frost to build up;
  • manual temperature control – set your preferred cooling temperature;
  • change of door opening direction;
  • energy class,
  • additional amenities such as:
    • lED light,
    • chambers with adjustable humidity level;
  • brand;
  • build quality;
  • price;
  • design – white retro refrigerator fits into any interior;

Retro and modern fridge – the differences

The main difference between a retro refrigerator and a modern refrigerator is the appearance, that is:

  • shape – retro models have:
    • rounded, curved shapes,
    • door with a chrome handle,
    • the prominent logo of the manufacturer;
  • color – modern refrigerators are in white or silver, retro refrigerators are in different colors.

Our TOP 10 retro fridges

  1. Gorenje RF60309OBKL
  2. Bosch KGN39LR35
  3. Amica KS15612T
  4. Samsung RB31FERNDEF
  5. Candy CDD 2145 EH
  6. AMICA FK2965.3RAA
  7. Hitachi R-BG410PRU6X (GBE)

Kitchen inspirations with retro fridge

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