Which shower enclosure for a small bathroom?

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Which shower enclosure for a small bathroom?

Living in a block of apartments or high-rise buildings is problematic in that rooms such as the bathroom are often microscopic. It has to accommodate a sink, toilet, often a washing machine, and still necessary storage space. Many people wonder if there is a perfect shower enclosure for a small bathroom. We check what solutions are best for small rooms!

Which shower enclosure for a small bathroom? This is worth remembering

There are many tricks to make a small bathroom in the block optically larger. This, of course, is the choice of bright shades, glossy surfaces, mirrors and appropriate lighting. Also important is the right shower cabin for a small bathroom. What exactly should you pay attention to?

Dimensions of the shower enclosure

The first important element, is the dimension of the shower cubicle for a small bathroom. The most popular on the market are those that are 80 x 80 cm. In stores there are even more compact models, such as 70 x 70 cm. which, at the same time, are very spacious inside.

Type of shower tray

Pay attention to the type of shower tray. After all, a shower enclosure for a small bathroom should be functional for the whole family. Seniors need to have easy access, so here high shower trays will definitely not work. On the other hand, for children, those in which you can stop the water and bathe a toddler are better.

A low shower tray also saves space. The cabin inside seems more spacious, and the line of the shower tray is not visibly cut off from the floor level.

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Save space

Keep your bathroom clean, use neutral and matching colors. This will also make the shower enclosure look aesthetically pleasing. The drain should also be mounted discreetly. Also, make sure that there are at least two sources of light in the room – the main one and an auxiliary one.

Concealed faucet

In addition, in your bathroom, bet on a built-in faucet. This way you will gain visual order and tidiness. The lack of protruding connections will make the room immediately look larger. Shower enclosures for a small bathroom with a concealed faucet are simply elegant and aesthetic. Here you can also bet on connecting a rain shower, which will be a guarantee of a pleasant bath.

Type of shower enclosure door

Shower cabin for a small bathroom should have such a door that will not take up much space outside. The most popular are hinged, but you should also look at sliding and folding models. If you want to opt for the first option, why not opt for inward opening? Another solution is also to make custom shower doors for a small apartment. Here, however, you have to reckon with higher costs.

A shower cubicle in a small bathroom does not have to have a door. However, you need to plan the space well to keep the room clean.

Glass is also important!

Smooth glass ensures that the shower cubicle for a small bathroom in a block will look aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the fact that you can see the inside of the alcove, the room also appears larger. It is better to bet on a transparent door, than, for example, milk glass. Remember that the shower enclosure for a small apartment should be made of tempered glass. This is easy to clean and more resistant to damage than, for example, plastic.

An alternative to this solution is the so-called frosted glass. It gently lets the light through, while providing intimacy for the household members.

Shower enclosures for a small bathroom – which ones to choose?

Now let’s move on to the shape and appearance of the shower cabin for a small bathroom in a block or high-rise building. Which one to decide on?

Rectangular and square shower cubicles for a small bathroom

Square cabins are very popular. In a small bathroom, it is best to situate them in a corner, thereby saving a lot of space. The square cabin is also easy to arrange.

Depending on the look and dimensions of the room, you can also opt for a rectangular model.

Walk-in shower

The walk-in shower is a designer solution. At the same time, you will optically enlarge the room. The floor is uniform and consistent, and you enter the cabin through a special door. It is also possible to separate the bathing area, for example, with a glass sheet. So this type of shower does not have a door, which additionally takes up space. Such a cabin in a small bathroom requires a linear drain, so it is best to plan it during the general renovation or finishing of the apartment.

Cabin without a shower tray

This solution is ideal for small rooms. As we mentioned earlier, a shower tray can make the bathroom seem smaller. Decide on tempered glass doors and a fitting that matches the entire room and can be seen from a distance.

The shower cubicle in the niche

If your room has an empty space in the alcove, use it to install a shower.

Semi-circular shower enclosures

A more traditional shower enclosure for a small bathroom is in the shape of a semicircle. It can fill the corner of the room. It presents itself aesthetically, but unlike the square, the space inside the cabin is less. It is also more difficult to keep it clean. It is definitely easier to use, for example, a squeegee for water on the straight surface of tempered glass.

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