Minimalism in the closet – does it make sense?

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Minimalism in the closet – does it make sense?

Minimalism in closet, or capsule closet has been fashionable for several seasons. This trend is promoted by several world show-business stars. What is minimalism in closet? Is it a good solution for every woman?

Capsule closet a modern trend?

Minimalism in the closet, i.e. clothes and accessories, thanks to which one can create coherent and attractive outfits for every occasion. Things in the capsule closet are characterized by the highest quality workmanship, so they serve for years and are great for preparing daily stylizations.

The main advantages of minimalism in the closet are:

  • elegance,
  • simplicity,
  • effectiveness of created styles.

Thanks to the small number of clothes in your closet you have no problem with choosing suitable outfits for the occasion, e.g. to work or to go out with friends.

Minimalism in the closet suitable for everyone?

A capsule clos et is an ideal solution for people, who have a practical approach to fashion – they do not yield to seasonal trends. It will also work for those, who value universality of high quality clothes. If you do not have space for a large closet, this is also a great solution for you.

What clothes should be in a capsule closet?

A minimalist closet should contain only the highest quality clothes. The must-haves in such a closet are:

  • white shirt,
  • white T-shirt,
  • little black dress,
  • jeans,
  • an elegant skirt,
  • a classic ramen jacket,
  • sports jacket,
  • cardigan,
  • long coat.

The listed clothes are a must have in a minimalist closet. The amount of clothes in the closet should be adjusted to individual needs, lifestyle and work. Minimalism in the closet is not a constant restriction to the same outfits. The versatility of clothes allows to combine them in various interesting sets, so that no clothes linger in the closet.

Minimalist closet in 5 steps

If you want to create a capsule closet, you can do it in a few simple steps:

  1. Define your style

The first step is to define your style and match the clothes you own to it. This is very valuable knowledge so that you will no longer buy clothes that do not fit you. You should choose up to two styles of clothes that are consistent with each other. If you are not sure which clothes fit you, then step two will help you define them.

  1. Eliminate unnecessary items

The main idea of a capsule closet is to leave only the clothes that you feel comfortable in and look great in. It can be done in a quick and easy way – take out all the clothes from your closet and put in one place only the ones you wear most often (probably there are not many of them) – they define your style.

When selecting your closet, you need to make sure that you can create an entire outfit from the clothes you have left.

  1. Organize your closet

It’s always hard to make the decision to get rid of clothes. If an item you haven’t worn in 2 seasons, throw it out because it’s unlikely you’ll ever do it again. Also remove damaged, stained and holey clothing from your closet

  1. Your must have clothes

If you’re choosing clothes, you need to think about the whole set, not a single item. With each of the basic items you can create a very interesting styling, for example, you can put jeans in both elegant and sporty styling.

  1. Shopping

The final stage is shopping. After tidying up your closet, you already know what clothes are missing. When buying new clothes for your closet, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will this item match the few things I have in my closet?
  2. Is the cut and color right?

If there is any doubt in your answers to these questions, then don’t buy it. Closet consistency is the foundation in a capsule closet.

Advantages and disadvantages of minimalism in closet


  • saving time when completing daily outfits,
  • more space in the closet,
  • timelessness of styling,
  • saving money.


  • sense of routine, boredom with styling,
  • more frequent washing and ironing of clothes,
  • lack of strong colors and extravagant cuts.

Does minimalistic closet make sense? – you have to answer this question yourself. Capsule closet is a great solution for many women, maybe for you too.

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