Educational mats and rugs for children – combine learning with fun!

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Educational mats and rugs for children – combine learning with fun!

Completing a layette for your child is a very pleasant and responsible activity for many parents. Every parent wants to provide their child with the best possible development. Such a toy are educational mats and rugs.

Educational mat – what is it?

Educational matis a safe placefor toddlers to play. It is a mini playground for children from 3 months of age – from this period toddlers become more active and interested in their surroundings. Toddlers’ eyesight sharpens after 3 months of age – children begin to notice objects that are further away – toys suspended on the mat are great for stimulating eyesight and hand-eye coordination. Stimulating properties of the mat:

  • contrasting colors – perfect for toddlers,
  • different structures and textures of materials,

In stores you can find mats

  • with attached arches,
  • without arches,
  • with sensory tags,
  • with developmental toys.

What to pay attention to when buying a mat?

When choosing an educational mat for your child, you need to pay attention to several parameters:

  • size of the mat – it must allow the child to move freely,
  • quality and durability of materials,
  • appropriate approvals,
  • number of toys attached to the mat.

Foam mats

In EU countries, foam mats are recommended for children older than 10 months. Foam carpets are an exception, as they can be used by children from their first days of life. When choosing a foam mat for your baby, you should be guided by:

  • material – the mat cannot be made of:
    • BPA,
    • phthalates,
    • PVC,
  • formamide,
  • it must be easy to clean and waterproof,
  • flexible.

A foam mat is easier to keep clean than a rug or blanket. Such a mat provides comfort for the baby to crawl, creep and other joyful play. In stores you can find mats with different colorful designs such as

  • car track,
  • contrasting mats ideal for babies.

Carpet mat or foam mat – which one to choose?

Carpet mats are recommended for babies from their first days of life, whereas foam mats are recommended for babies over 10 months of age – this is an EU directive, although in the USA foam mats are recommended from birth.

A rug not only for an older child

A rug doesn’t have to be just for decorating a baby’s room and protecting the baby’s bottom from the cold when they’re on the floor. A colourful rug can be a place for great creative play. A rug in a child’s room should not only match the rest of the decor, but also be a place for imaginative play. You can find rugs in stores, for example:

  • in streets,
  • zoo,
  • with a painted house,
  • with pony horses.

A colourful rug can become in an instant a place where car races take place or a kingdom for the pony – it all depends on your child’s imagination. If you want your child to move a lot you can buy him a class carpet – an idea for great fun on gloomy and rainy days

For a child’s room it is worth buying a woollen carpet – it insulates heat very well but can cause allergies. For children with allergies acrylic or antistatic carpets are recommended. When choosing a carpet for a child’s room, you should be guided by:

  • color,
  • the quality of workmanship,
  • material.

Educational mats and old ones are a great choice to support development of toddlers and creativity of older children.

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