Teenage girl’s bedroom in glamour style

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Teenage girl’s bedroom in glamour style

Is your teenage daughter tired of childish room decor? Does she constantly ask for your help in repainting or redecorating her bedroom? Has she confided in you that she dreams of a room that looks more mature? If so, check out our ideas for a teenager’s dream bedroom!

Colors: timeless neutrals

If you analyze the color palette of a glamour style interior, you will quickly notice that soft, neutral tones dominate. White, gray, cream and beige create a discreet, but tempting background (think of the walls, carpet and curtains). In turn, the furniture and accessories are kept in intense or bright, luxurious colors. The glamour style in a teenager’s room impresses with its unique combination of light, neutral tones with intense, sharp, dark tones such as black, navy blue, silver, gold and copper. The cozier side of glam is created by monochromatic layers of soft pastels that vary in texture

Materials: all that glitters

Neutral shades are the basis of the glamour style. However, shiny accents are also worthwhile. Furniture often has metal frames, surfaces or finishes. Lighting fixtures, storage elements and decorative accents attract with a metallic sheen. Both silver and gold accessories are appropriate for glam bedrooms. Neutral wall and floor colors enhance the glamorous effect.

You can also hang an elegant mirror, which optically enlarges the interior. Mirror details also appear on furniture and decorations. Take care of every detail when designing your bedroom

The glamour does not end here. Strategically placed lighting plays an extremely important role here. Elegant metal or crystal chandeliers give the interior a luxurious, royal feel. You can also install stylish, practical wall lamps next to the bed and place a small lamp with a shiny stand on the bedside table.

Patterns and textures: the bigger the better

If you want to design an elegant interior, that is, a teenage girl’s room in glamour style, pay attention to patterns and textures. Here you can see traces of old Hollywood and art deco. Patterns take the form of concentric or overlapping geometric shapes. If your teen likes pastel colors, offer her soft patterns and textures. They look best on upholstery and bedding. Plush, floral pillowcases, fur blankets and rounded, upholstered headrests and a velvet earlobe chair will work perfectly

Accents and decorative elements: elegant and sophisticated

You need a few more decorative elements. Think about the design of the walls. Large mirrors with bold embellishments, such as ribbed frames, will tieall the glamour elements together beautifully. If you want to bring more pattern into the space, think about wallpaper. Place a velvet, cozy rug on the floor. On the desk you can put a vase with peonies, roses or freesias

Also pay attention to original, practical decorations. Think about a magnetic board where your teenager can pin pictures, postcards or notes

Choose neutral furniture

Social media is a great dictator of trends, and the tastes of modern teenagers change like in a kaleidoscope. Keep this in mind when choosing furniture. Try to make them neutral. This way you can fit them into any style. In this case, white wood furniture devoid of ornamentation will work perfectly. If you’ve recently bought a bed, chest of drawers, desk and bookcase, you can simply paint them white

Add lots of pillows

Cushions are a great accent in any room, especially in a teenager’s room. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. So you can be sure your daughter will find something she likes. Velvet cushions, which are nice to the touch, are perfect for a glamour bedroom

Match the interior design to your teenager’s interests

Practicality is only one of the aspects, which should characterize a teenager’s bedroom. Another important issue is the theme. Remember to choose wisely elements emphasizing your teenager’s interests. If she likes watching fantasy movies, stick some posters. Or maybe she loves painting? In this case, arrange a special place for an easel.

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