Illuminated toilet bowl – hit or miss?

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Illuminated toilet bowl – hit or miss?

LED lamp to illuminate the toilet bowl is an interesting gadget available on the market for several years. Is it worth to have such a device in the bathroom?

A modern gadget

LED toilet lamp is a modern and original device that has a motion sensor, which lights it up when motion is detected within a range of 3 meters. The lamp is turned on only when the bathroom is dark. It is perfect as a source of light at night – you do not have to turn the light on to use the toilet.

The LED lamp has a very flexible cord, so it can be mounted on any toilet. It also has a button with which you can turn it on and off. There are models on the market that emit up to eight different colors to choose from.

Advantages and disadvantages of this solution

A lamp to illuminate the toilet bowl is a great solution that has many advantages, among others:

  • low price – the cost of about a dozen zlotys,
  • discreet, non-intrusive light at night,
  • motion sensor,
  • fully automated light,
  • comfortable handle that allows you to fit it to the toilet bowl,
  • power – just three AAA batteries,
  • white color – matches any toilet compact.

This gadget is great for teaching kids to use the toilet – especially boys. It allows them to use the toilet at night without any problems. This way, kids don’t have to wake up a parent to turn on their bathroom light

Led toilet light has no disadvantages. The durability of this gadget depends on its proper use.

User reviews

On the Internet you can find a lot of positive reviews about this gadget:

  • “I recommend, it works perfectly. Interesting effect”.
  • “This is a brilliant product and I recommend it to everyone, especially if there are small children at home. You don’t have to turn on the main light, which is great when the child can’t reach the switch yet – he can use the toilet on his own. The lighting is soft, it doesn’t hurt the eyes. It improves aiming for little boys.
  • “The light sensor works great so the device doesn’t turn on when it’s bright”
  • “Great gadget for a low price.

Led toilet light hit or putty?

The Led toilet light has not made it to the list of top bathroom gadgets. However, it makes it easier to use the toilet at night – you don’t have to turn on the main light. This gadget gives a lot of joy to children who use the toilet.

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