Modern kitchen with an island – live beautifully!

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Modern kitchen with an island – live beautifully!

Island in the kitchen is a solution for people who appreciate open space, functionality and convenience. Here are some tips that will help in arranging an interior with this impressive piece of equipment.

Probably everyone who loves cooking and spends a lot of time in the kitchen, once dreamed of having a solid, multi-purpose island in the middle of it. However, such an addition can be afforded only by those who have plenty of space. Otherwise, fitting an extra piece of furniture in the apartment can prove to be quite a challenge. After all, it is also about making the room as spacious and useful as possible.

Filling enough space is therefore a prerequisite before deciding on a kitchen island. If you manage to meet it, before decorating the interior opens up a wealth of possibilities.

Advantages of a kitchen island

Before the idea for a kitchen with an island begins to be implemented, it is worth considering its use and benefits of such a solution. Let’s start with the fact that it means additional workspace, which is so often missing when preparing meals

And what if someone likes to cook together with their loved ones? Great, because in such a room can easily fit more people. The kitchen will thus gain the function of a meeting place. Sometimes chairs are also added to the island, so that you can eat at it.

In open interiors, the island can be used to separate two separate rooms, usually the kitchen and the living room.

That is not all. If it includes cabinets, it’s the perfect storage space, which a kitchen never has enough of. Moreover, it provides easy access to necessary accessories and equipment.

At the same time we can not forget about its aesthetic qualities. This is a very stylish and timeless element, which will enrich and beautify not only a classic, but also a modern kitchen.

Less is more

The island is a characteristic, eye-catching point in the home. It affects the entire space, so it is very important that it perfectly matches the style of the rest of the interior.

One solution that fits into a modern arrangement is a minimalist kitchen, among others. With such a style, the main role is played by the use of furniture and its subdued, simple appearance.

Cabinet fronts will usually be completely plain in such a room. If there is a possibility that the countertops on the island are the only ones in the room, this is worth considering. It may seem brave to some, but it is certainly feasible.

Within the island you will need to locate a sink and a hob. The rest of the countertop, however, will serve as the entire working space. The remaining furniture is recommended to be placed in a built-in only on one of the walls or in an L-shape. Thanks to this the space will optically enlarge.

Industrial interior

Extremely original and currently enjoying popularity is the industrial style, used not necessarily only in loft interiors. It is distinguished primarily by its openness and raw finish. The island in this type of kitchen emphasizes the multifunctional, yet modern character of the house.

It is worth choosing such material and color of the island that it harmonizes with the remaining elements of the arrangement. A dark colored piece of furniture or wooden cabinets combined with black or raw stone top are suitable for this.

A different solution

An island does not have to be the central, focal point of the interior. For a more delicate space, you can opt for a long, but not too wide piece of furniture. This will gently separate the kitchen and living room areas, but the rooms will still be one unit. The apartment will thus become more spacious and less overwhelming.

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