Hot weather at home? See how to reduce the temperature

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Hot weather at home? See how to reduce the temperature

During the summer, many people complain about high temperatures. If your home is too hot, read this article and learn how to effectively lower the temperature.

Hot weather – how to deal with it?

Almost every year, the summer months are characterized by high temperatures that make it possible to relax on the beach, swim in the sea, and take a walk at sunset. Unfortunately, for many people, high temperatures are extremely troublesome, especially if they spend a lot of time indoors. In some apartments (such as the attic), it gets hot quickly, which can be extremely uncomfortable or even make it difficult to function normally. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the heat in your home. We’ve outlined some of them below.

Close your windows

Many people make the mistake of opening their windows when it’s hot outside. Counterintuitively, this lets hot air in instead of cooling the room. As a rule, during the day the temperature outside is much higher than inside the house. If you want to cool and ventilate your home in the summer, it is best to do it in the evening or in the morning, when the air outside is relatively cool. So remember to keep your windows closed during the hottest days. If you don’t want the air to “stand still,” you can turn on a fan instead.

Lower the blinds

A great way to cool down your home on a hot day is to close the blinds or shutters so that no sunlight enters. To do this, you should install outdoor blinds, which are most effective at reflecting the rays and also adequately insulate you from the hot air. An alternative solution may be to cover the windows with curtains, which to some extent will also cool your home.

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Avoid cooking

On hot days, try to keep cooking to a minimum. Using the oven or stove will significantly increase the temperature in your home, making the air inside even heavier and hotter. Instead of heavy dishes, prepare a salad or other cold dish that you won’t need a fire or other heat source to make.

Bath water and wet fabrics

A great way to make your home cooler is to run cold water in the tub. Interestingly enough, water absorbs heat perfectly and cools the air at the same time, so you can feel the difference in temperature after just a short while. Open all the doors in your home to make the effect even more noticeable. A great way, but not necessarily pleasing to the eye, is to wet your curtains, drapes, or towels with cold water. This is a very effective method that will cool down your home and give you a huge relief.

Unplug unnecessary electrical appliances

Electrical appliances that are plugged in produce a lot of heat. This may not be very noticeable on a normal, cooler day, but in critical situations, i.e. high heat, it can work against you, further raising the temperature in your home. In this case, the rule is simple – if you do not use a device at a given time and it does not need to be constantly plugged in – unplug it. An example of such equipment can be a television set.

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Invest in high quality cooling devices

A fairly obvious and undoubtedly effective solution to the problem of high temperatures is to buy a fan or other cooling device. Nowadays, you can find all sorts of equipment on the market to quickly lower the temperature in your home. Portable air conditioners, humidifiers or fans are a great option for anyone whose apartment or house gets very hot in the summer. To make your fan more effective, you can place a bowl of ice-cold water in front of it. This will allow it to blow out cool air.

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