Stylish small house fence ideas

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Stylish small house fence ideas

Fence is always a complement to the garden design. How to fence in a small garden?

5 ideas for stylish fencing

1. Classic netting with bamboo mat

An interesting idea is classic netting with bamboo mat attached to it. This solution is very impressive and effectively protects against prying eyes of neighbors. By the fence you can plant ivy, which will look great against the background of bamboo mat.

2. Wooden fence

A wooden fence always looks beautiful. Wood is a classic and very striking material that fits into any style of garden. The only disadvantage of this solution is its frequent maintenance.

3. A hedge never goes out of style

Hedge fence is a great solution for people who appreciate naturalness. This type of fence will be perfect especially in the countryside.

4. Fence made of natural stone

Natural stone has its charm. This type of fence is best suited for country and English gardens.

5. Stainless steel sheets

Fence made of stainless steel sheets is not expensive, but very impressive. On the sheets you can order any pattern. Thus, such a fence not only looks spectacular, but also gives a modern look.

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A stylish fence – inspirations

How to plan a fence?

When planning the fence you should think about what effect you want to achieve. Zoning of the garden is very important, even if the garden is small in size. Before setting the zones you should consider whether the fence will delimit only the property or will also delimit zones in the garden. In every garden there should be a public zone (accessible to everyone) and a private zone, accessible only to the household members. It is worth separating these two zones, even a small fence.

The height of the fence is also very important, most often it is 150-180 cm, but it depends mainly on the investor’s preferences. Most often the fence is supposed to protect the private, relaxation and recreation zone. Unfortunately local regulations may determine the maximum height of the fence.

How to match the fence to the surroundings?

The fence should always match the house architecture, that is why the choice of suitable materials is so important. If the plot itself is fenced, the fence should match the surrounding properties.

What is the best material for the fence?

The choice of material for the fence is very often determined by its price. The fence is usually made at the very end of the investment, which often determines the low price of the materials used. However, even with a small budget you can find a wide range of materials: wood, metal, concrete or plants. Another criterion when choosing a fence is the amount of work – not only at the stage of construction, but also during the use of the fence. The classic and labor-intensive material is wood, which must be regularly maintained. A hedge made of vigorous hedges will also require cyclical maintenance – watering and fertilizing will be necessary. Each of the available materials can be combined with each other. The most popular combination is a mesh fence with a hedge.

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