What is a thermostatic faucet and how does it work?

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What is a thermostatic faucet and how does it work?

When choosing faucets for your bathroom, consider a thermostatic faucet. It is very economical and gives high comfort of use. How does it work? Why is it worth investing in it?

Choosing faucets for the bathroom

When choosing faucets for the bathroom, most people focus on:

  • appearance:
    • interesting design,
    • the attention to detail;
  • durability,
  • reliability.

When buying faucets, it is also worth paying attention to design solutions and additional functions that increase comfort of use and contribute to water saving.

For these reasons it is worth choosing thermostatic mixers.

What is a thermostatic mixer?

A thermostatic mixer is a type of bathroom mixer that ensures constant water temperature, which can be set by a thermostat knob. Most often the water temperature is set at 38 or 40 degrees. Some models of thermostatic mixers allow you to change the temperature by even 1°C within the range of 15° to 60°C. To adjust the water flow in such a faucet there are two knobs:

  • the first knob – is used to set the temperature of the outflowing water. On this knob there is usually a scale that allows you to precisely adjust the water temperature;
  • the second knob is used to adjust the intensity of the water stream; some models have a start/stop button instead of a knob.

Thermostat – the most important element in the faucet

In the body of the faucet there is a thermostat. It is thanks to him that the water flowing out has a constant temperature. Water is supplied to the faucet by separate pipes and then inside the device is brought to the desired temperature by mixing. The best thermostatic faucets use ceramic mixers, which are more durable and reliable.

Types of thermostatic mixers

Wall-mounted thermostatic mixers

Wall-mounted thermostatic faucets are mounted on a finished wall. The simplest wall-mounted shower faucet models consist of:

  • a housing,
  • a shower handle – the most common are shower mixers.

In stores you can find various models:

  • with delicate, rounded shapes,
  • modern design,
  • integrated with a shelf for cosmetics.

Wall-mounted thermostatic mixers are also offered complete with a rain shower, which makes bathing much more pleasant. In the best sets you can find:

  • a very thin rainshower,
  • handle, which allows installation at different heights.

This type of faucet can also be installed in place of the old faucet without any modifications to the installation.

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Thermostatic mixer for concealed installation

Thermostatic mixer kits for concealed installation consist mainly of:

  • a universal concealed component,
  • surface-mounted elements, among others, such as:
    • shower head,
    • rainshower,
    • hand shower with hose,
    • nozzle.

Sets can consist of various elements, which are tailored to individual needs and preferences. Installation of the concealed element and water supply pipes must be done before finishing the walls in the bathroom.

Is a thermostatic mixer recommended for every home?

Installing a thermostatic mixer is recommended especially in those homes that have problems with sudden changes:

  • temperature,
  • water pressure in the pipes.

If drawing water by a washing machine or dishwasher causes a sudden drop in temperature, which negatively affects the comfort of household members, it is worth buying a thermostatic mixer tap. This is especially recommended if the house is inhabited by a family of several people.

Installing a thermostatic mixer tap is not recommended when water is heated by:

  • gas flow heater,
  • dual-purpose boiler,
  • electric boiler.

What is the price of a thermostatic mixer?

Thermostatic faucets are much more expensive than ordinary faucets. The simplest thermostatic models can be purchased for a few hundred zlotys, but the most expensive ones cost even a few thousand zlotys.

What to pay attention to when buying a faucet?

When buying a thermostatic mixer tap you should pay attention to:

  • scope and length of warranty,
  • availability of spare parts and service,
  • installation requirements,
  • operating parameters of the faucet.
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