How to decorate a bathroom in loft style?

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How to decorate a bathroom in loft style?

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The loft style is an extremely fashionable way to decorate an interior. It can also come to your bathroom. However, for this to happen, you need to remember about several elements, which are the basis of the industrial decor. We suggest how to arrange a bathroom in the loft style.

Loft style

What is loft style? Let’s start with what is really behind this term. Loft, by definition, is a factory hall or other industrial premises adapted to housing or art studio. Therefore, if we want to introduce the loft style in our apartments, it is to such a climate that we aspire – the interior should be raw and reminiscent of the old industrial buildings and apartments of New York artists from the 50s.

Bathroom in a loft style

Okay, but how to introduce this style to the bathroom? Well, there are several proven ways.

First of all: colors

In loft style, also in the bathroom, the color scheme is very important. Opt for dark colors such as black, graphite, or other shades of gray. Concrete, for example, will work great here. You can opt for tiles resembling it or even for a strong accent made of real concrete. Classic red brick also has a typically loft character, so it is worth enriching the color scheme of the interior with dark red. Natural, dark wood will also look good.

Second: furnishings

The basis of any bathroom is its equipment such as bathtub, shower and washbasin. Which will look best in a loft interior? When it comes to the bathtub, a free-standing one will look great, preferably with an imitation of an old tap. However, if you decide on a built-in bathtub, it is worth that you choose subway tiles, resembling brick or “concrete”. In the case of a shower, the best solution will be a walk-in cabin, in which you give up the shower tray and cabin, and the bathing space is separated by a pane of glass. This is a comfortable, spacious and minimalist solution, which is exactly what a loft-like decor should be. On the other hand, when choosing a sink, you have a lot of freedom, however it is worth to bet on ceramics other than white. It is also possible to completely abandon the ceramic washbasin in favor of one made of glass. It is also worth taking care of choosing the right bathroom faucets. The classic chrome ones will work well in a loft bathroom as a contrast to the raw concrete and dark tiles, but matte black faucets or those imitating old fittings will look just as good. The website will help you choose the perfect fittings for your bathroom.

Third: lighting and other accessories

Lighting plays an extremely important role in the loft style. In this role, large metal lamps will work brilliantly, as well as typical technical lighting. Avoid rather decorative lamps – even single bulbs will fit much better. This minimalism should also be kept when choosing other decorations as in industrial style unnecessary ornaments are avoided. After all, we are concerned with preserving as much free space as possible, as this is the basis of a typical loft room. However, an interesting addition, which will give the interior a charm, can become, for example, a radiator. Choose the one with a dark, matte finish, and the best will be a ladder model

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