Enliven any interior! What plants to choose for the bathroom?

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Enliven any interior! What plants to choose for the bathroom?

Not all house flowers do well in the bathroom. This is usually due to much less access to light and high levels of moisture, so choose your bathroom plants carefully.

There are a few basic rules for growing plants in the bathroom to ensure they are well cared for. It’s worth knowing the species that thrive in a humid and warm environment and look beautiful at the same time. These green accents can liven up any space and blend in well in a variety of bathrooms.

What plants to choose for the bathroom?

Virtually all plants except cacti can be grown in bathrooms. The prevailing humidity level is far too high for them. On the other hand, tropical ornamental plants will do just fine in a bathroom. The problem arises when the room has no window. Then the only alternative remains artificial flowers.

List of the best plants for the bathroom

Although the list of plants that can be kept in the bathroom is very extensive, we have collected the most popular ones, and at the same time easy to maintain and very impressive. Certainly, with regular watering and proper positioning in relation to light, they will look beautiful for a long time

  1. Orchid – the most popular orchid variety is a beautiful phalaenopsis with multi-colored flowers. It will surely be a decoration of every bathroom. It will suit both minimalistically decorated spaces as well as those in classic style. The orchid’s large, fancifully shaped flowers will add class and elegance to every bathroom. It is worth remembering that orchid does not like too much water in a pot. It is worth remembering that orchids do not like too much water in their pots
  2. Theorchid is a very common plant in our houses. It enjoys unflagging popularity because of its showy white flowers and beautiful leaves with juicy, strongly saturated color. If well cared for, it can bloom for most of the year. It grows very well in partial shade, which makes it ideal for the bathroom
  3. Monstera – is a plant, which in recent years has conquered hearts of plant lovers in Poland and all over the world. It comes from tropical countries and naturally occurs in the form of vines, so it is accustomed to shade and moisture. When deciding on a monstera, it is worth thinking about its surface area. The plant grows quite quickly and can reach several meters, so it will be suitable for large bathrooms.
  4. Zamioculcas – is one of the few plants that have such a high tolerance for shade. Zamioculcas not only have low requirements when it comes to sunlight, but also general care. Simply watering them twice a week is enough for them to thrive beautifully.
  5. Alocasia – it’s hard to be indifferent to a plant with such a beautiful color and veining of glossy, large leaves. Alokazias love a humid environment and are perfect for bathrooms.

What is worth remembering?

Of course, the most important rule is to find out what growing conditions a particular plant prefers. Most often, if it requires a high level of humidity, it also doesn’t need strong light. It is then better to place such specimens in the shade deep inside the bathroom than to place them directly by the window with intense sun exposure

Keep potted plants away from chemicals and soap. The odors they give off can have a negative effect on their growth. This is also why you should frequently ventilate the bathroom. This will also help to reduce the humidity level in the room

In a humid environment plants evaporate more slowly, so it is worth carefully checking the dryness of the soil, so as not to cause constant overflowing of flowers. In such conditions the greenery will quickly rot.

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