How to create a home theater in the living room?

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How to create a home theater in the living room?

Home cinema is a dream of many movie lovers. It gives incomparably greater comfort of watching favorite productions with definitely higher sound quality

The dream of having one’s own home cinema can be realized with a proper budget. For some, a separate space in the living room with professional equipment is enough, while others dedicate a whole separate room for this purpose. We’ll take a look at how to create a home cinema experience that’s fun for family and friends.

Feel like you’re in a real movie theater

Many professionals rightly point out that the concept of home cinema is very broad, and thus also interpreted differently. It is primarily about the greater pleasure of watching movies and series on a larger screen along with a better sound system. All this will provide a unique visual experience

Nowadays in stationary and online stores you can choose equipment from a very rich and diverse offer. Certainly, everyone will find something tailored to their capabilities and preferences. At the beginning, however, it is worth noting that even a modest home theater is an expense of at least several thousand zlotys. This financial barrier, however, does not stop cinema enthusiasts

First of all, it is worth to determine and find out whether we are looking for a typical consumer solution or a more professional one. Most often, however, due to the price and the hardly perceptible change in quality, which is felt mainly by true enthusiasts, the customers decide on consumer solutions, available in most audio-video stores. In this case, a little less care is given to the fit to the size of the room and, for example, reverberation in the living room, which can affect the sound reception. Also not without significance is the light in the room and the possibility of darkening

In professional home cinemas , the equipment would enable reduction of color distortion and light reflections. For most solutions, however, this is not necessary

How to arrange a home cinema in your living room?

In a professionally prepared home cinema, we can watch movies on a larger screen and enjoy much better sound quality. First of all, you should decide for yourself whether you decide on a projector or a screen in your living room. It is worth taking into account the difference in image quality, possible color contrast and individual parameters of each device

The option of an overhead projector poses another problem, since it requires the installation of a special drop-down screen. On the other hand, it is certainly a much cheaper solution than a professional large TV screen, which can cost from a dozen to even several thousand zlotys

Home cinema – what kind of sound system?

Thesound system is one of the largest expenses in case of a home cinema, so it is worth taking a closer look at all the most important parameters. This knowledge will help you make the right choice, tailored to your preferences and the size of your room.

Due to the size of the living room (less than 20m2), the best choice will be a 5.1 audio system. This is a professional term for a set consisting of five speakers – a central speaker, two front speakers, two effect speakers, which are placed at the back. The fifth is a subwoofer, responsible for the lowest acoustic bandwidth, i.e. moving movie bass. These are most often available as a set, but you can also get them separately to suit your particular space

For front speakers, customers usually opt for floor standing speakers. They are usually around 80-110 centimeters in height. This size allows them to produce a higher sound pressure and thus better sound quality

Effect speakers (professionally called surround speakers) are usually smaller in size. They are responsible for creating the impression of space. They are responsible for a small portion of the sound (for example, a passing helicopter or a whirring engine), but they are the ones that create an amazing impression and enrich the experience. They can be mounted on the sides in the ceiling or in the walls

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