Birch wall – a natural WOW effect!

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Birch wall – a natural WOW effect!

Due to the increasingly ecological approach, our homes and apartments are now trying to decorate in an eco and forest style. Many people are fond of Scandinavian style, which strongly refers to such motifs – it uses raw wood and other natural decorations. Thanks to them, the space seems cozier.

Birch wall – how to make it and where can we place it?

Birch wall looks very original and makes a surprising effect. It can be placed on the border of two spaces – one for resting, and the other for working or preparing food. Thanks to it ordinary plasterboard walls and very unstable screens can be forgotten. Birch boughs can be spaced at different intervals to create a different effect. If the birch stumps are placed close to each other, a solid wall can be created

However, the gaps look very interesting and three-dimensional. This kind of arrangement works well if you want more light to enter the room. Birch trunks look quite rough, but also natural and original. With an openwork effect and not too dense setting, they let light through, which will be ideal in smaller living rooms. They will work well in a large living room with a kitchenette, which is not separated from the dining area by any wall or fireplace. In such a place setting a birch wall will look great.

Walls of birch are attached to large pots, which are filled with stones or gravel, for example. You can also attach individual stumps to the ceiling and floor. They will blend in well, especially with light-colored wooden floors, and will blend in with the style of the room.

Other indoor uses for birch wood

Many people also use birch stumps cut lengthwise and attach them directly to the wall. On one side, the stumps create convex decorative elements, and on the other side, they perfectly cover any unevenness of the wall. You can also find one place in the living room that will be representative and on it create a birch wall. Another way to decorate the room is to use wooden slices of birch, which has nice and clear rings

Slices are glued with woodglue directly to the plaster. You can create a separate space that is decorated with wooden pieces. Just choose wooden planks in addition to wooden slices, which can be attached to the wall with screws. The background of the wooden slices can also be a board painted in any color. This will create a very interesting collage on the wall. The paint of our choice will shine through between the wooden slices, which will give an interesting visual effect. Long wooden planks will create a kind of frame, which will imitate a painting.

To which interior will the birch wall fit?

The wall of birch will be ideal, among others, for interiors that have a very classic and minimalist style. They will impress both in the living room in the Scandinavian style, as well as in the loft interior. This solution will also look perfect on a terrace, especially if it is made of Euro pallets or wooden planks.

Awall of birch will perfectly compose with natural fabrics, such as linen or cotton. Woven rugs with geometric patterns, a simple sofa and minimalist wood furniture will work wonderfully in combination with such elements. Wooden chandeliers or textiles with forest motifs can also complement the natural and ecological forest style. The recently popular kraft paper will look beautiful – it is a great background for minimalistic graphics or notes. It looks very interesting thanks to its uneven structure.

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