The trend for parquet and wooden mosaics on the floor – 4 inspirations

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The trend for parquet and wooden mosaics on the floor – 4 inspirations

For some time now, we have observed a growing interest in parquet floors and wooden mosaics on the floor. This probably has a lot to do with the fashion for natural materials and ecological solutions.

Practical versatility

Parquet is a graceful design material. It looks beautiful. It adds warmth and cosiness to interiors. In addition, it is a durable and economical solution for years.

Parquet flooring has more than one name!

It works perfectly in various arrangements. It will enliven a minimalist interior, emphasize the character of a designer room but also become a harmonious background for a classic arrangement.

Seemingly unchanging

For a long time there was a belief that parquet floors are not a good solution for people who like frequent changes in the interior. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to change their appearance or color, you can always reach for a stain or other specialized preparations.

It catches the eye

Parquet floors and wood mosaics look great when paired with tiles, especially the recently trending hexagons. There’s no question of boredom in this combination! This juxtaposition always attracts the attention of all guests.

Importantly, if we take care of it, the parquet floor will repay us with a beautiful appearance for many years. In case of damage or if it is bitten by the tooth of time, you can always renovate it using the sanding method.

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