Countertop to the kitchen made of glass? An unusual but interesting solution!

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Countertop to the kitchen made of glass? An unusual but interesting solution!

Glass kitchen countertop? Contrary to appearances, it will be suitable in any kitchen, emphasizing the modern design. In addition, tempered glass countertops will brighten and optically enlarge even a small room. Today we will tell you about its advantages, disadvantages and most important parameters.

What are glass countertops?

Glass tops are tempered glass panes glued together, reinforced with reinforcement for strength. When buying them, pay attention to their thickness, so that they are not less than 1 cm. Such countertops are still considered an unusual kitchen equipment, but they really work. They bring into the room more light, brightness, it is a wonderful accent especially in a minimalist dwelling. From the glass reflects the light, thus optically enlarging it.

Modernity and design

Glass countertops will fit into any style, will communicate with any material and finish, especially with wood or metal. They will emphasize the modern design of the kitchen. They will work perfectly with light-colored walls and furniture, and will fit in with industrial and rustic styles. Artistic glass will help to achieve a kitchen in a modern style.


Countertops are available on the market in different colors and decorations, as well as shapes due to the ease of processing this material. It doesn’t have to be one slab, but an elaborate shape, with space for fruit and so on, depending on your imagination. The glass top can be transparent, tinted, glossy or matte. In addition, thanks to the development of technology, it is possible to print on its surface any graphics we want, even those we choose ourselves

If we also provide them with LEDs or LED strips, they will be wonderfully illuminated, gaining a unique character. Interestingly, cold lighting (blue) will gain a wonderful effect of ice. Incorporating such a glass countertop into the kitchen is not a complicated thing. Such countertops are mounted, depending on the selected type, on screws or glue.

Something more about the advantages

A glass countertop is resistant to mechanical damage or high temperatures. It does not interfere with the vicinity of gas stoves. The glass surface does not absorb grease and liquids, does not absorb odors, does not absorb moisture, is better to maintain than a wooden countertop. It should also be added that it is easy to clean.

Do glass countertops have any disadvantages?

The biggest disadvantage of such a solution is their high price, and this is because they are made to order. Moreover, sharp objects can scratch it. They are rarely seriously damaged, but the repair of such a countertop is quite expensive. In addition, as it happens with glass, it is enough to dirty it with one touch, so you have to reckon with constant cleaning.

Modern kitchen

Glass countertops bring lightness and elegance to the kitchen, they match various accessories, especially with LED backlighting. They bring modernity and a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. This is why, despite the high price, it is worth considering this solution and think about whether to invest in this idea.

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