Small garden tools you must have!

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Small garden tools you must have!

Small garden tools are an absolute must-have that we should have on hand. They will make it easier for us to solve many unexpected but easy to fix problems. We tell you about the most important of them

Which tools are worth buying?

Year-round work in the garden requires a set of small garden tools, which can come in handy on various occasions. It is not always necessary to use the full range of means to perform minor household cosmetics. It is not necessary to forget above all about the fight against weeds, which continues throughout the season even when the area for planting has been properly prepared. So you will need above all:

  • a small shovel-type spade – this is essential for digging small beds but also for planting and when you have to do a little earthwork; both a sturdy metal spade and a handy handle are important,
  • small rakes – for raking leaves but also for levelling digged areas in the garden,
  • miniature hoe – primarily for weeding beds but also useful for other garden tasks,
  • picnicker – making it easier to efficiently carry out planting,
  • secateurs – for small branches,
  • soil conditioner so called ”claws” – allow you to prepare the soil in such a way that the plants have better access to water and nutrients,
  • watering can – can be metal or plastic,
  • a narrow garden spade – useful for planting plants into the soil.

Such a set of tools can be created yourself or purchased in a set both in the supermarket and in an online store. It is worth noting that manufacturers often offer products combining the features of individual tools, such as a hoe with a rake or a scarifier. With such a complete set, not only will you be able to carry out immediate work in the garden, create a small flower bed or plant a plant, but you can also pack them relatively quickly and transport them to another place, even an allotment. The price is also encouraging – a set of such tools in the average standard can be bought for less than a hundred zlotys. However, if we want to be sure that the quality of the tools will be high, we should venture to spend a little more money.

What to pay attention to?

When choosing small garden tools, you need to think about their ergonomics – these items should take up as little space as possible. They should also be shaped in such a way that they are conducive to work and handy

It is also worth taking care that the construction is solid – it is good that the tools are strong and resistant to changing weather conditions. Metal elements of e.g. a spade should not only be adequately sharp and well driven into the ground, but also covered with an appropriate layer of anti-corrosion paint. Without this, the life of the product will be very limited.

Manual or mechanical – which tools to choose?

Some small gardening tools can be bought both in manual version and in more expensive and more complicated mechanical version. For a garden with a small area, traditional tools will definitely suffice. Things only change when you work often or have a very large plot size.

How do I care for my tools?

Small garden tools require constant maintenance – only thanks to it we can count on their multi-season use. Especially important is their proper storage between seasons, when for several months they are basically not used. Above all:

  • thoroughly clean the tools from soil, dust and grass residues,
  • wash them under running water,
  • dry them,
  • you can also wipe them with spirit to reduce the action of fungi and bacteria remaining on the surface.

Storage of small garden tools during the winter can begin with a wipe of oil. It is good that the tools are not exposed to rain, snow and moisture. So it will be optimal to hang them on the wall in a sheltered place

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