Choosing a mirror for the bathroom – this is what you should pay attention to

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Choosing a mirror for the bathroom – this is what you should pay attention to

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Mirror is a very important element in every bathroom. It is not only practical, but also an excellent decorative element. See how best to prepare for such a purchase

Choose the right size of the mirror

First, when choosing a mirror, you need to match its dimensions to the size and type of interior. It is worth establishing this detail already at the design stage, if it is to be an important element in the bathroom. At a later time, despite your desire, it may be difficult to fit it. Before buying a mirror, check carefully the length and width of the place where it is to be located. Consider the distance from other objects

Also measure the size of the sink if you want to hang it over it. A full width mirror is a very popular solution. Sometimes architects also decide to choose a very large mirror, bigger than the sink. Also choose its size depending on its purpose. In a guest bathroom, you may choose a smaller size. Also think about the number of mirrors you want to have in the room. A small magnifying mirror will be useful for applying makeup

A common solution that couples go for is to place two mirrors above the sinks. Then first check if they will fit next to each other. Also make sure you have enough space between them. You can designate a larger area for the mirrors if you want to optically enlarge a small bathroom. It’s an ingenious way that often works. Fix the mirrors at a good height so everyone can use them. This is an important tip if you have young children in the family and you want them to be able to use them too. Also take this into consideration when checking the dimensions

Reserve a little more space if you choose an illuminated model. It is very practical and gives a modern touch. Some such mirrors will also need access to electricity. This should also be planned for. They are also often slightly thicker. When choosing the size, pay attention to the shape. Rectangular mirrors will take up a different area and round mirrors will take up a different area

Decide on a particular shape and design

The shape and design of a mirror depends mostly on your preferences. But it should fit in with the style of your bathroom as a whole. Luckily, many retailers offer a variety of models that make it easy for you to choose the right one for your space. In larger bathrooms, it is worth considering standing mirrors. For modern rooms, geometric and three-dimensional frames will fit.

Recently, a common solution are large, round mirrors. They fit into bathrooms in a rustic, minimalist and Scandinavian style. They will also be perfect if they are surrounded by objects with streamlined shapes. For loft style it is worth to choose a round mirror with a black steel frame, it can be hung on a thick rope. If you are interested in glamour decor, choose a decorative frame. An extremely modern model are mirrors with an irregular shape, this is a very innovative solution

Go on a search in the store

The final step is to buy a mirror. For this purpose, it is best to go to a suitable store to see it live. We recommend visiting the bathroom showrooms in Warsaw. If you have any questions, you can confidently ask the staff. You have available there sample arrangements, thanks to which you will see how a given mirror looks in an already decorated room

Come to this place with prepared dimensions and with the chosen inspiration. Then it will be easier to decide. If you are at the design stage, many bathroom and furniture stores offer free visualizations and preliminary designs. It’s worth taking advantage of this option to make the mirror fit the decor even better.

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