What is feng shui and where did it come from?

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What is feng shui and where did it come from?

Feng shui literally means “wind and water.” It originated in China and has a history of almost 6000 years. It provides prosperity, health and well-being through the proper layout of a room, house, building or garden

Feng shui involves placing objects according to the flow of qi, or natural energy. It also refers to the layout, framework, materials and colors of building structures. These practical principles allow you to create the perfect arrangement in any situation.

Yin and Yang

Feng shui pays attention to yin (feminine and passive energy) and yang (masculine and hot). It includes five elements: water, fire, wood, metal and earth. It also emphasizes the external environment, as well as the various directions of the world. A feng shui expert analyzes the client’s Chinese horoscope. He also performs complex mathematical calculations taken from the ancient Book of Changes. This way he checks which areas need improvement.

The royal secret

In imperial China, feng shui was a secret known only to a handful of astronomers and scientists who were entrusted with maintaining the health, wealth and power of the court. Palaces and cities were planned according to feng shui, which became a key principle of classical Chinese architecture. A prime example is the Forbidden City in Beijing. The spectacular complex of palaces, administrative buildings and temples was surrounded by a series of courtyards. It is worth mentioning that the Forbidden City was the capital of China during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

What is feng shui?

Initially, feng shuiprovided inspiration for the design of temples and other sacred sites – including the Great Wall of China! Over time, it has become synonymous with building with respect for nature and the earth in general. It is based on the belief that there is a continuous flow of energy between people and their environment. The balance between the energy of wind and the stillness of water creates a harmony that promotes success, health and a sense of community.

The key to understanding feng shui is to appreciate the role played by “chi” or “qi”. Chi is the positive energy that we want to release in various places. It circulates best in spaces containing soft objects with rounded edges. To increase the flow of chi and minimize the presence of sha chi (negative energy), the five elements (water, earth, fire, wood and metal) should balance each other.

Tools and Tips

Use color, sound and lighting to create a unique atmosphere. Strategic placement of artwork, plants and flowers further modifies our mood. You can also include water elements, such as fountains and aquariums, and wind-sensitive objects, such as bells or flags

In homes and offices, the size of the furniture should match the scale of the room. Remember to place the couch against the wall. When placing furniture, make sure it encourages conversation. Leave open and orderly transitions between areas in rooms

While a rectangular table works well in the dining room, a round or oval table looks better in the living room. If you want to optically enlarge and brighten the interior, choose mirrors, shiny metals and crystal chandeliers.

In a bedroom you can place the bed headrest against the wall furthest from the door. However, do not align it with the door.

Bagua (eight trigrams)

This is an ancient chart of the eight treasures of our lives. It retains the same power and wisdom today as it did 3000 years ago. Using the bagua is a great privilege. The map mentioned represents the outer areas of our lives. It is about career, knowledge and spirituality, health and family, wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, children and creativity, and helpful people and travel. The ninth sector (gua) is located in the middle of the bagua. It represents our inner core or center.

Cleanse and Diffuse the Energy

Our homes accumulate the energy of all the people who have entered them and all the events that have taken place in them. Over time, the accumulated energy needs to be cleansed. Make sure there is proper circulation and flow. You can burn incense made of sage or sandalwood. The blocked energy will come out through the door. Then open the windows to bring in positive and fresh energy

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