Toilet in the bedroom – 7 ideas for small apartments

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Toilet in the bedroom – 7 ideas for small apartments

A small apartment can be troublesome when it comes to furnishing it. Do you have to give up your dressing table when you have a small space? Not necessarily! There are many ways to make a beautiful and small dressing table in a small apartment. Check our proposals.

Built-in dressing table with a closet

The space in the bedroom is also used to place a closet or a built-in clos et. If the closet does not take the whole length of the wall, you can plan a place for a small dressing table together with the built-in. It will take much less space than a free-standing dressing table

You can place it in a corner of the bedroom, in a place where it will be difficult to have a very functional and well accessible built-in. Such a dressing table is fully integrated with a closet or dressing table. It may have shelves mounted on the sides for cosmetics or jewelry

Many built-in closets designed for bedrooms also have designs that include dressing tables. A lutro can be built into an unused recess, which will optically enlarge the bedroom area.

Chest of drawers

If the bedroom area is very small, you can also arrange a small dressing table on the dresser top. You will not be able to sit as comfortably as with a large dressing table, but you will gain much more space.

You may also want to place your cosmetics on the dressing table, which can be helped by clever organizers. In addition, a functional tray for jewelry will be useful. Instead of a large mirror, a standing one will suffice.

Built-in countertop under the window

Often the space under the window sill is completely unused. When planning a bedroom, we find it difficult to arrange this space. But maybe it’s the perfect place for a dressing table?

A tabletop with drawers and a small chair slipped underneath will be enough. We will also gain very good lighting. For such a top, organizers for cosmetics and a hanger for jewelry will surely work.

A dressing table and a bedside table in one

In a small bedroom, you often have to think about whether you would rather have a bedside table or a dressing table. However, there are interesting designs that combine both a dressing table and a bedside table. One part has drawers and cabinets, and the other has an empty space under the top. This makes it easy to sit down, as well as slide in an unused chair, which helps a lot in keeping things in order.


The dressing table-secretary also looks very good, which will perfectly fit into the bedroom in a classic and Provence style. It is small and has both shelves and very practical drawers. Thanks to them it is much easier to keep order.

In addition, it is easier to hang a mirror over such a dressing table, because it does not take up much space, and the mirror itself does not have to be huge. Such dressing tables are possible to order from furniture manufacturers.

Toilet made from a coffee table

A very unconventional idea for making a dressing table is to use a coffee table. Thanks to it, we will gain a small dressing table, which will allow us to have our own corner for applying makeup without taking up space. It often has a small shelf under the top, where we can hide the cosmetics we need.

The table top itself will also be enough if you put small shelves on the wall next to it for jewelry boxes or cosmetics. In this way we will gain more space for storage.

A shelf hung on the wall as a tabletop

To gain more space, you can also opt for a shelf in the form of a countertop, with built-in drawers. Simply hang a small mirror above it to create your own personal grooming corner. Under the top, you can certainly fit a small seat without a backrest, which will create a very cozy dressing table

You should know that the location of the dressing table is also important. Avoid mounting it opposite the window, as we will not have good lighting to do our makeup. If we have no other choice, it is better to install special blinds in the windows, which will darken the room, and above the dressing table install a lamp.

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