Lamps for the apartment – why their choice is so important?

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Lamps for the apartment – why their choice is so important?

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The tips below can be applied to most rooms in your home. They can help you figure out what to look for when buying lighting and installing it in your space.

Consider at least three sources of light in each room: general lighting (ceiling or pendant), special lighting (task or table lighting) and ambient lighting (sconces, candles and other decorative lighting).

Maximize access to natural light by keeping your windows clean – it’s cheap, easy and makes a difference. Choose the right shade for your light fixtures: white colors let in more light but can appear cooler; colored elements tint the light, making it appear warmer. Reflective surfaces like mirrors, shiny floors and metallic finishes will bounce light around the room.


Cooking can be more enjoyable with well-chosen lighting. When we’re talking about the kitchen, it’s important to remember that the light should not only set the mood, but also help you see properly while chopping, frying and more.

Under-cabinet lighting can be very useful. It can shed some light on countertops while you work, and you can turn it on and off with a snap when you need it. Think about lighting the dark corners of your kitchen, which include things like shelves, cabinets, countertops, and pantries. These areas are often neglected, but when properly lit, they become more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Visit a lighting store and consider buying pendant lights, which can be a functional solution over the kitchen sink or over islands


The bedroom is probably the most important and intimate room in your home. Proper lighting is important here to achieve a space where spending time is relaxing and restful. Lighting is not just about electricity and light bulbs. Candles, such as a row of votive warmers or a scented candle on the bedside table, can add to the mood. Bedside lamps with warm bulbs are essential here. You can also invest in a modern solution, i.e. lamps with an alarm clock, which work well with the daily rhythm, imitating the sunrise.

Living room

Living rooms can serve us for many activities – to relax after work, to host friends and family and much more. It is undoubtedly an extremely versatile room and has often been used in many different ways, so it is important that the lighting is as functional as the room itself. Don’t forget to consider scale.

Table lamps are great, but sometimes a large lantern, an oversized pendant lamp or a large carved floor lamp can add the focal point that any well-designed room should have

Invest in a bulb dimmer, which can easily change the mood and brightness of your lighting depending on the time of day. Don’t forget to light up the darker corners. There will always be a shady spot in the living room that becomes completely dark after the sun goes down. If you add a lamp, you will get a subtle glow that will offset the unpleasant black void.


Usually a cold, unpleasant room that feels more like a laboratory than a room in the house. This can be remedied! Install lighting around your mirrors, and you’ll be much happier in the morning with the soft illumination these types of bulbs emit compared to the harsh overhead lighting

Think about choosing bulbs that simulate daylight. This will be especially useful for people who are applying makeup, as they will be able to see how their face looks outside. Also, bring candles and light them while you take a bath. Nothing is more relaxing than taking a hot bath in the soft glow emitted by a fire.

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