Garden party – TOP10 decoration ideas

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Garden party – TOP10 decoration ideas

Late spring, hot summer and even early autumn is the perfect time to organize a party in the garden. Despite appearances, to delight all guests, the decoration of such a party does not have to cost a lot. You can do it with things that you already have at home, or by making small purchases.

In the boho style

The boho style fits perfectly with the garden scenery, especially if it is full of trees and beautiful flowers. Decorations for a garden party in boho style can be done with the help of elements that most of us have in their homes. Suffice us for this curtains used in the function of tablecloths on the tables. They will provide a rustic atmosphere and perfectly fit into the style of boho, especially if they are decorated with floral motifs.

Ecological lanterns

They are simple to make and almost do not generate additional costs. To make them you need

  • rolls of used toilet paper,
  • jute string

You can use the toilet paper rolls and jute twine to make candle holders that you can hang over the table as garlands. All you need to do is bend the bottom part inward and insert a tealight, then make two holes through which you thread the string and connect it to other lanterns

Original lanterns for pennies

Lanterns made from jars do not cost much, and when placed on tables or in the grass, they look really impressive, especially when the sun starts to set slowly and the party is still going on. To make them you need

  • one-liter jars of preserves,
  • sand or fine gravel,
  • candles

Fill the jars to ¼ of their height with sand or gravel, then put the candles inside, slightly sinking them into the sand and you’re done

Place to rest on the grass

Garden parties can sometimes last until late in the evening, so it is worth taking care of an additional resting place for guests. All you need for this is a blanket laid out under a tree and a few carelessly thrown pillows. A great solution will also be a sheet, the two corners of which we tie with string, and then attach to one of the branches, creating a mini canopy. The temple of rest is ready

Flower curtain

When our garden is adjacent to a neighbor’s plot, it’s also worth taking care of some privacy at the table. You can get it thanks to impressive flower curtains. For this we just need heads of any flowers, for example, marigolds, and fishing line, which we tie around flowers, keeping a small distance between each head. Thus created ropes attach one next to another, until we get a floral screen

Field Rings for Cutlery

Speaking of a party in the garden, it cannot lack field flowers. This type of decoration will work great as a cutlery decoration. They can be wrapped in napkins and tied with jute string, behind which we put dandelions or other small field flowers. This decoration should be placed next to the plate

Vignettes for 0 PLN

If the party in the garden is planned for a larger number of people, it is worth taking care of the vignettes, which can be made without spending a penny. All you need are leaves of cherry or any other tree, which has leaves with a slightly waxed structure, and a golden or white pen, with which you can write the guests’ names. Such vignettes can be arranged on plates or put under the cutlery. We can be sure that they will perfectly fit the atmosphere of our garden party

Wine bottles instead of vases

Nothing looks so beautiful with the natural scenery, as the greenery of wine bottles. Therefore, they can successfully serve us as vases for flowers.

Wooden labels with a board

If you plan meals in the form of a buffet and sweet table, labels can be a useful decoration. You can make them yourself from small boards by coating them with chalkboard paint available at home improvement stores. Place the boards on the tables in a visible place or hang them by drilling a hole in them and pulling a ribbon through. The advantage of this solution is that it is reusable – chalk markings can be easily washed off

Tree lights

Nothing creates a special atmosphere like the right lighting. Therefore, when organizing a garden party, it is worth taking care of this aspect as well. Besides candles, an interesting solution is to carelessly throw lights on trees and bushes. In stores you can find many models powered by batteries, so they do not require connection to electricity and are perfect for gardens

The suggestions presented are just a few ideas that you can use whencreating decorations for garden parties. What unites all the decorations is, first of all, low cost of their implementation and the use of mostly ecological materials, so they blend in well with the natural scenery, full of flowers and greenery.

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