Easter table decorating ideas

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Easter table decorating ideas

Easter this year will be celebrated on April 4. It is a wonderful opportunity to decorate your home with fresh flowers and other spring accents. Of particular importance is the Easter table, where the whole family gathers to eat a festive breakfast. Therefore, many people attach great importance to its decoration

The choice of accessories and decorations for Easter is very individual. Some people prefer to have many colorful elements on the table, while others opt for classic shades such as black or white. Many people are attached to tradition, so for the Easter table they choose solutions, which they associate with their family home, e.g. porcelain service inherited from the grandmother

However, more and more popular are modern solutions, which smuggle a touch of avant-garde and design to the Easter decorations. Which solution will you choose for your Christmas table? A great and original idea is to combine tradition with modernity, creating your own unique style

4 inspirations to help you decorate your table for Easter

Traditional Easter decorations

Easter breakfast is a very special moment when we get together with the whole family and share food. Those who like tradition will feel great at the table decorated with spring flowers, colorful Easter eggs and other references to the nature of this holiday.

White porcelain plates will be an indispensable element of the service; they will go perfectly with glass glasses and stoneware platters. Serviettes with floral motifs will go well with such a service. An interesting decoration can be natural plants on the table, such as moss in a pot, boxwood twigs by the plates, or tulips or lilies of the valley in stylish vases.

Elegant decorations for the Easter table

Some people want to decorate the Easter table in an elegant glamour style. A great way to make the tableware and decorations look stylish and chic is to go for black and white, with gold or silver accessories as a great accent. A minimally decorated table, where, apart from plates and platters with food, the decorationwill not come to the fore, will look very effective.

On the table you can place a golden figure of the Easter bunny combined with slender golden candlesticks. To add some lightness to the decoration, it is worth adding glass elements in the form of glasses or an elegant decanter

Spring accents on the Easter table

Many people love spring and all its harbingers, including cut flowers. Small, colorful bouquets can be a great way to make the Easter table look festive. Flowers can be placed in a designer glass vase, a wicker basket or a small tin bucket

An interesting way is also to decorate dishes and platters with edible flowers. It is worth to keep the whole decoration in a similar tone of color, so that the table does not look too gaudy. The base can be a white linen tablecloth and napkins in pastel colors

Easter table in earthy colors with natural accessories

Some ladies of the house love decorations in neutral colors. According to their aesthetics, grays, beiges and various shades of brown look best. These are typical earthy colors that look fantastic when combined with luscious greens or muted blues

For such an Easter table you should first put a simple tablecloth made of linen, e.g. in olive color. On it you can put one-colored Easter eggs, twigs with first leaves and buds and spring flowers. Stoneware and ceramic bowls or mugs will fit perfectly into such an atmosphere. Wooden figurines of Easter symbols such as bunnies, lambs or chickens can be an original decoration

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