How to decorate the table for Christmas?

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How to decorate the table for Christmas?

Tablecloths, table runners, napkins, candles, centerpieces, twigs, pinecones, baubles – all these will be perfect as climatic decorations on the Christmas table. We suggest how to use them!

Decorate the table for Christmas!

Christmas is usually spent with family, friends and relatives. The vast majority of the time we sit at a table laden with food, feasting together. It is the table that is an important element of integration and should be beautifully decorated to emphasize the character and unique atmosphere of that day.

Below we present the most interesting proposals. What is more, we mostly use the decorations that we have at our fingertips. We prove that you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a beautifully decorated table on Christmas. Of course, you can’t forget to make sure that the decorations don’t obscure the food or the guests. Everyone should be able to talk freely with each other and reach for the dishes.

Moreover, you need to think about what colors you want to arrange your Christmas table. Are we going to bet on typical red, green and gold decorations, or maybe on frosty winter atmosphere with silver, white and blue in the main role? Also “natural” colors will be great, that is all the browns and beiges present in the cones and hay, referring to the stable. Of course, it’s also a good idea to choose a Christmas table arrangement that will continue the color scheme present throughout the house.

Setting the table is the basis

Every arrangement of the table, not only the Christmas one, has to start with its setting. The tablecloth has not only a decorative function, but also a practical one. It protects against splashing, scratching, and high temperature.

It should be carefully ironed and cover the whole table, hanging gently. As far as its color is concerned, it is possible to go for classic, i.e. snowy white or choose one maintained in the tone of the leitmotif, for instance juicy red, deep green, navy blue or even black. We recommend uniform tablecloth, without additional decorations, or you can put a runner in the middle. For example, a white tablecloth with a red runner will look beautiful.

All those issues should be very well thought over, since the table setting is the base for further decorating. The whole later arrangement and its final effect depends on it.

Tableware not so ordinary

The next step is the choice of tableware. The best choice is a bright, simple one, with possible embossing. Thanks to that it will not disturb the whole vision – strong patterns could overwhelm and introduce visual chaos. You can also use colorful under-tablets, which look extremely elegant.

By the way, you should also think about the napkins. These can be placed on each place setting or next to it. In this case you can really go wild. You can choose from various colors and accessories. It is better if the napkins we choose are made of fabric. It is worth to put them in a decorative ring (ring) – bought in the store or made by yourself from a ribbon. Here you can complement it at your own discretion – with pinecones, red balls of hawthorn, spruce, fir or mistletoe branches.

In addition, even accessories such as salt and pepper shakers, available in a variety of shapes and colors, can be decorative.

Warm candlelight

Nothing creates a cozy atmosphere like the warm light cast by candles. In this case, thick white traditional candles or led candles, powered by electricity, which also climatically “flicker” will work. Gold, red or green candles will also look beautiful (e.g. tall, in candle holders). They can also be sprinkled with glitter, which will give them additional sparkle. A candle can also be put in a reed with twigs, baubles, pinecones or dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. If we do not want candles, then it is worth replacing them with soft led lights.

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