Lighting for a studio apartment – which one to choose?

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Lighting for a studio apartment – which one to choose?

Bachelor apartments are becoming more and more popular, due to their low maintenance costs. When decorating such a small interior, lighting is very important.

It would seem that a small room requires maximum one source of light. Nothing could be further from the truth! When buying lighting for a studio apartment, be aware that you will need two or more lamps. Otherwise the room will not look very cozy. Check out how to properly plan lighting for a studio apartment.

Lighting a studio apartment – how to do it right

In the case of a small apartment, modeling with light is extremely important. With the right lighting can significantly improve the proportions of the interior, making it seem larger

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In a studio, in addition to the light itself, other factors are also very important that will help to optically increase the space.

  1. For interior design, use colors that are vibrant and reflect light, such as gold and silver. Vibrant color tones and bright accessories will make the space visually larger. Do not use dark paints on the walls. Of course, it does not have to be exclusively cappuccino-colored paint or shades of white. You can choose a light variant of paint to brighten up the interior. In such a room, light can make a lot of difference and give you a sense of space.
  1. Access to natural light sources is very important. If you have the opportunity, try to uncover the windows during the day. Instead of heavy curtains, choose Roman blinds to cover the windows when needed. They are light and very elegant. Additionally, sun rays shine through them, which gives additional illumination to the room.
  1. Mirrors as an addition to a small apartment will work perfectly. They give a sense of space and optically increase the size of the studio apartment.

Positioning of lighting

In addition to the lamp you choose, it is also very important to position it properly. With low studios, you can optically “raise” the ceiling with lighting placed on it. However, avoid built-in lamps – better will be those with an exposed bulb, which will better illuminate the room and the ceiling.

Vertically placed light sources can also help a lot in enlarging the room. Wall lamps placed on longer walls work well.

What lamps should be avoided in small rooms?

The least elegant and appropriate will be large chandeliers and long lamps with shades. They will make the bedsit even tighter. Avoid crystal, heavy chandeliers or very wide lamps, especially with a lampshade covering the bulb. Also inappropriate are dark bulb covers, which make the room look smaller and more gloomy.

It is also a bad idea to focus on one large lamp in the middle of the ceiling. The top light is important, but it is a good idea to split the light sources into several smaller lamps.

What lamps for a studio apartment will be best?

Instead of a single light, you can illuminate the room with halogens or ceiling lights, which will illuminate the entire ceiling, not just part of it. Interestingly, so distributed sources of light in the form of, for example, a rail with halogen lamps, will perfectly illuminate every corner of the room. The bulbs are placed in a movable frame, so you can independently set the angle at which the light will fall. They are very minimalist and certainly will not dominate the interior.

For mini lofts you can also choose fashionable ceiling rails. They are placed so that they can illuminate the room from all sides. The rail system allows you to maintain its mobility, so you can independently move the source of light to a place that is not adequately illuminated.

Wall lamps will also give you lightness and discretion. They are small and can be placed on the wall e.g. in the corridor, which will add some light but will not overwhelm a small apartment with its size.

If you decide on one ceiling lamp in the main room, bet on lamps with light directed upwards. It will bounce off the ceiling, which will perfectly illuminate the entire apartment.

The design of the lamps itself is very important. Avoid wooden and heavy structures. They are suitable, but for high lofts. Instead, buy lamps with a lighter structure, paper or glass lampshades that perfectly reflect the light. If you do not have an idea for a ceiling lamp, you can also bet on a more modern solution – LED strip placed on the ceiling, as well as at the tops of kitchen cabinets – will perfectly illuminate even the smallest bachelor apartment.

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