The most popular plants for a south-facing balcony

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The most popular plants for a south-facing balcony

A south facing balcony gets a lot of sun, so it is more difficult to keep plants on it. But it is not impossible! There are many plants that particularly like the company of the sun

However, with so many sun rays, the health of the plants can deteriorate. The solution is a sunshade such as an umbrella. This will also protect the soil from drying out. Discover the plants that will find a place on a south-facing balcony.

Beautiful flowers on a south-facing balcony

Besides spices, the most desirable flowers on the balcony are the flowering ones. They become a decoration in themselves, give food to bees and smell beautifully

Plants should also be chosen in terms of height. Tall plants with spreading leaves are not suitable for small spaces as they will interfere with each other. Low plants will fit easily into small pots or boxes.

Tagetes is a beautiful flower with yellow or orange petals. Each one is covered with tiny brown spots.

Another candidate for a small balcony is seaside marmalade, which will delight with its small flowers in large numbers. It usually comes in dark pink, white and purple shades.

Also worth mentioning is sage, which has very showy purple flowers arranged in a cone.

High temperatures are also perfectly tolerated by zinnias. They can be the pride of the owner, because they look beautiful. They have large open flowers with pink petals.

A classic flower bought for the balcony is a bed geranium. With its help, you can create picturesque clumps. It also looks great in suspended pots, for example, accompanied by lamps powered by sunlight.

Petunias and surfinias, which have intense cup-shaped flowers, will also look good in this type of container.

Taller plants, which are also light-loving, include angelica with delicate flowers, heliotrope with tiny purple petals and verbena, which manifests medicinal properties and smells intensively.

Climbing plants for the south balcony

Climbing plants on the balcony are a great decoration. They grow quickly and provide shade. In Poland, you usually plant lush passion flower or aromatic fragrant peas. Also, nasturtium is a plant that will do well on a balcony on the sunny side.

A less commonly seen flower is the Tangut Clematis, which blooms in summer and adorns the balcony with bell-shaped flowers.

A native of Mexico, Rhodochiton is a sun-loving plant. It also belongs to the climbing family. The climbing cobe, the African winged tunbergia and the very dense American milfoil are sure to delight even the most discerning flower lover

Green plants in strong sun

Intense sun and heavy rain are constant atmospheric conditions on a balcony in summer. Not every flower can withstand this. One of the most durable are cacti, but they should also be protected, but from rain. We have a great choice of plants from this family. Everything depends on the possibilities and on the access of children or animals to them.

It is worth paying attention to mamillaria, old man’s head, prickly pear and Christmas cactus. However, the most popular succulent that also has medicinal properties is aloe vera. Its pulp can be applied to cuts or eczema

On a large balcony or even terrace, it is worth betting on large plants that will further shield the area from the prying eyes of passersby. Thuyas, junipers and boxwoods love a warm climate. And for experienced botanists, lemon trees are recommended, but their cultivation is demanding.

Aromatic herbs on the balcony

Often, apartment block residents dream of fresh herbs straight from their own garden. On a balcony on the sunny side, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, lavender and cilantro will do well. You can also try planting mint, parsley, dill, marjoram, savory, or lovage. However, it is worth shielding them so that they don’t dry out in strong sunlight.

A balcony on the south side can look beautiful. It’s only worth choosing the right plants for it, which like sun in a large dose. It is worth mentioning that watering should be done only in the evening, so as not to attract additional sunlight.

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