How do you choose a front door for your home?

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How do you choose a front door for your home?

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The front door is an integral part of any home. But how to choose them to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional? We suggest what to look for to make sure that your front door will be beautiful and safe.

Safety first

The most important feature an exterior door should have is security. Of course, the safest door will be a burglar-proof door. However, it is worth paying attention to their parameters in order to be one hundred percent sure that they will provide maximum protection for your home. A burglar proof door should first of all have suitable hinges, which make it impossible to remove the leaf from the door frame

It is also worth taking care of additional security in the form of bolts or hooks, which will block pulling the door out of the hinges. Do not forget about the appropriate lock in the door. It should have as many bolts as possible. Then the door will be even more resistant to balancing

Aesthetics of the front door

It is also worth remembering about the aesthetic value of the front door. After all, the exterior of the house is its real showpiece. So make sure that your interior doors match the facade of your house. On the market, you will find many different materials and, consequently, door colors, so you can be sure to find something suitable for you

A very popular and extremely durable material that doors can be made of is steel and aluminum. They are characterized by very good anti-burglary parameters and high fire resistance, and their aesthetics will brilliantly fit into the climate of modern and typically modernistic houses

However, if you care about a bit more traditional solution, classic wooden doors will be a great choice. They are extremely elegant and will fit into many styles. Moreover, it is worth remembering that wood is a material many times less sensitive to low and high temperatures, so wooden doors do not deform in hot or frosty days

PVC doors also deserve attention. Their thermal and acoustic parameters are usually very good, and they are extremely easy to keep clean. However, it is worth remembering that their anti-burglary properties are slightly lower than those of aluminium, steel or wooden doors. In addition to the materials you can also choose from many door models. A very interesting solution will be for example double external doors. Such double exterior doors will certainly be a very impressive decoration of your house, and they will also reliably protect it.

Useful door accessories

When choosing and installing an entrance door for your house, you should also consider buying some useful accessories that will make the door even more functional. But which accessories should you choose?

Particularly noteworthy are additional seals, which significantly increase comfort on cold and windy days, as they allow for more effective prevention of cold and moisture penetration from the outside. In addition, such seals also protect against noise from outside

Shrink brushes can also be used to seal doors in the home, great for reducing slamming. Another door accessory worth having is, of course, a doormat. You can choose a classic one, or bet on an interesting model with different patterns. Thanks to it, the space in front of the door will gain some character, and you will prevent dirt from under your shoes from getting into the house.

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