Garden pools – types, shapes, care

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Garden pools – types, shapes, care

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Summer is fast approaching, it is already worth preparing your own garden, to be in it to spend most of the time outdoors. More and more people are opting for garden pools and we’re not just talking about those inflatable pools for children. The climate is constantly changing, every year the vacations are getting hotter

In addition, the Polish society is getting richer, we can afford year-round garden pools, which are the perfect object for entertainment, relaxation, but also recreation. We present the most commonly selected according to individual preferences for swimming pools for private gardens

Garden pools – what to choose?

So far, garden pools have been purchased primarily for children, so that the youngest could indulge in wild fun and refreshment on hot days. Garden swimming pools were considered rather a luxury, which could not afford every owner of backyard space and green areas. Today, such an investment is planned more and more often, and the expenses that need to be incurred for it, are not too great a burden. For this, manufacturers offer us so many different solutions that everyone can successfully find a garden pool tailored to their own needs and possibilities

When choosing the best garden pool, you need to take into account first of all its size. There are those deep and large garden pools, as well as small garden pools, which are great for a small space. You can also choose different shapes of this type of recreational facility – round garden po ols are a great option in small gardens and are more for optimal relaxation, while rectangular garden pools are suitable for sporting, recreational tasks. Pools of this shape can be purchased for larger gardens, the size of which allows it

The construction of the pool itself should be taken into account. This will affect the comfort of use of this object, the convenience of maintaining it in full working order, but also the price. It is known, however, that a tiny inflatable pool will be a small cost, if we compare it to the year-round, buried in the ground. So garden pools are the expense of a dozen or so gold to even tens of thousands of zlotys. The most expensive ones are associated with the creation of a special project on an individual order and advanced construction work

Swimming pools in the garden – the basic types

Still the most popular model remain inflatable garden pools. These are cheap garden pools, most often bought specifically with the youngest in mind. Such garden po ols for children can be selected according to the preferred size or depth – the smallest will fit on the terrace, the largest safely accommodate even a few people. This type of pools are colorful, inviting to play, optimally safe, although children’s water play must always be under adult supervision. Inflatable pools can be easily stored, because most of them fold to a small size. Keep in mind, however, that this type of pools are also the least durable, they are sufficient rather for one summer season

Another type is the expanding garden pools. These can be easily inflated with a pump, for this they are more durable than inflatable pools. The pools can be a bit larger in size, their advantage is still an attractive price and the possibility to use this equipment for at least a few seasons

If the pool in the garden wants to use the whole family in complete comfort, it is worth checking out the garden frame pools. These are characterized by a rigid structure, in use resemble traditional pools dug into the ground. They can be really deep and with additional accessories such as ladders. They are much cheaper than year-round pools, moreover, they can be stored in the winter, for example, in the garage

The most expensive and also the most professional are year-round garden pools. These are those dug into the ground or the so-called Canadian with a special roof.

How to care for swimming pools in the garden?

While the small inflatable pool can be poured literally a few liters of water, so that the youngest can devote themselves to great fun in the garden, but larger pools already require special maintenance. First of all, in large pools are necessary water filters, de-fungiating agents and chemicals that will allow you to maintain water quality at an optimal level without having to constantly replace it

How to clean garden pools? For this purpose, you can also easily purchase special products, and the very same water disinfection and maintenance of its proper Ph ensures the absence of the appearance of algae and other impurities. Always useful is also a net to catch dirt. What is important, the pools, which are folded for the winter, must first be thoroughly dried

The larger the pool is and involves a larger financial investment, the more care must be taken to maintain it properly. All these aspects should be taken into account when choosing a particular model. However, there is no doubt that on summer days it is the private pool in the garden will provide the best entertainment and will become an oasis of relaxation

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