Narrow passage – what kind of closet works in the hallway?

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Narrow passage – what kind of closet works in the hallway?

A narrow hallway is quite difficult to develop. Many people are looking for alternative solutions, which will help to reconcile practical use with a nice appearance

In a narrow hallway, there is usually an unattractive hanger and possibly a small shelf for shoes. However, there are ways to arrange this space more aesthetically and at the same time functionally. It is worth to decide on a proper closet, which shall help to maintain order in the anteroom.

Which closet will be suitable for the anteroom?

In some houses or apartments, which have a narrow anteroom, you may find a clothes hanger and an additional shelf for shoes. Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep order in this place. The problem arises especially in autumn and winter, when there are more outerwear and accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves. Despite the fact that not every apartment can afford the luxury of a large pull-out, roomy closet, there are solutions that will help in practical use of a small space

An obvious solution is a closet, however in a narrow anteroom, where we have only several dozens of centimeters to manage, it requires much thought. It is better to reject classic, deep models, into which we put hangers perpendicularly, as it will strongly hinder free passage in front of the hall. For the same reason it is better to resign from cabinets with classic opening doors – they will take almost the whole width of the passage

Definitely better and more functional solution, which allows for ergonomic use of a small space, are closets with sliding doors. They take up optimally little space, and are equally capacious. When it comes to shoe cabinets, you can opt for the option of sliding doors or special cabinets that already have ready-made shoe compartments inside with hinged doors.

Is a shallow closet a good idea?

For narrow hallways, closets that are 40 centimeters deep are best. This will allow you to hang your coat inside, while still leaving room for passage. This size will even be suitable for narrow hallways that are 100 centimeters wide

Most furniture stores have a very wide range of products, so everyone is sure to find the closet they need. You can also order a service to build a custom closet at a carpenter’s shop. This may be the best solution for homes with uneven walls or with an extra alcove

An experienced carpenter will carefully measure all the dimensions and suggest the best solution. This is a chance to maximize space management and use unconventional solutions that can increase the usable area. Unfortunately, you have to reckon with a high price of such services.

First of all – quality of manufacturing

A high quality closet to the anteroom will allow to maintain order, and additionally will be a very nice element of interior decoration. A shallow closet is a double good solution – it fulfills its functions, helps to store winter jackets, coats, as well as allows to hang other outer garments

The closets made of wood or decorative plastic will be perfect. An additional mirror, in which you can look at yourself before going out, will optically enlarge the space. For the same reason, it is better to choose light colors – white, beige, gray or light brown.

In a narrow corridor, it is worth deciding on only one piece of furniture. Instead, you can think about accessories that will diversify the hallway. Depending on the style of the apartment, you can decide on family photos in frames or pictures painted by children. This will give the space a cozier feel

It is also worth taking care of good lighting of the hallway. An interesting option can be decorative wall sconces instead of the main ceiling lamp. Glass wall sconces with expressive bulbs look great in industrial spaces, while on the other hand wooden ones complement minimalist style well

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