Black and white interiors. Elegant or boring?

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Black and white interiors. Elegant or boring?

Betting on classics and timeless solutions is never a bad idea, and such are the black and white interiors. Decor, in which not many colors were used, will work well in modern arrangements, especially those with an industrial character

A contrasting combination of black and white is quite a bold choice and not everyone may like it. However, rooms in this style have something intriguing

Some people think that interiors without warm, pastel colors are cold, harsh and unpleasant to stay in. However, black and white premises are very elegant, sophisticated and chic. How to decorate a space using only black and white? Certainly, the idea must be well thought out, and the use of these two colors must work well together, so that the interior is not overwhelming

White interior with a strong accent

Currently, most people choosing the arrangement of their apartment, rely on white and bright colors. White furniture, doors and walls are often painted in this color. However, the interior, where virtually all elements are in white, not only are impractical, but look like a hospital room. Undoubtedly, the white color enlarges the room, but it is worth breaking it with contrasting colors. Great for this purpose are black accessories and accents. Thanks to this white elements are also more visible and emphasized

People, who like to play with form and original ideas, will find themselves in interiors, where black furniture is a contrast to white walls. Thanks to such a combination, black objects are highlighted and form the focal point of the arrangement

How to combine black and white in arrangements?

If we decide on an interior, in which the colors white and black will harmonize, it is worth betting on the predominance of the former. White, especially in rooms with a small area, optically enlarges the space, so it is not worth giving up such a valuable advantage

Black is a color on which very quickly visible is dust and small dirt, so itwill be terrible on large flat surfaces, such as kitchen worktops, table tops, dressers, or shelves. Furniture in this color is very non-functional and can be frustrating, especially for people who like to keep their home clean

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On the other hand, black color will work great on decorative elements and accessories – decorative pillows or lamp shades. An interesting solution may be to buy black chairs or even a sofa – leather or, recently very fashionable, velour. Some decide to paint the walls alternately – one white and the other black. However, this is a brave solution, which will not work in every room

An intermediate solution

Interior design only in strongly contrasting colors of white and black looks spectacular and original, but it may be difficult to live in such a room every day. Interiors should be practical and make the house cozy and we want to return to it with pleasure. Black and white interiors are beautiful, modern and minimalistic, but they can be too overwhelming

It is not worth making your apartment an art gallery, which looks fantastic on photos, but in which it is impossible to function. However, if the black and white style is a huge dream of the owners, you can find an intermediate solution, including in the arrangement of colors that offset the sharp contrast. The ideal solution is the presence in black and white interiors also elements in gray colors

The range of gray colors is very wide, so accessories or furniture in this shade will make the interior more pleasant and approachable to life. The use of gray color is also an interesting way to enrich the interior with intriguing forms and decorations that will stand out against the background of black and white

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