How to paint the walls in the hallway to make it optically larger?

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How to paint the walls in the hallway to make it optically larger?

A small hallway is often a big design challenge. How to paint the walls to make the hallway look bigger?

Colors for the anteroom

The anteroom is usually a very dark room, where no sunlight reaches. That is why it is so important to choose appropriate colors. Bright, cool colors, such as: shades of gray, white and blue optically enlarge the interior. If you do not like cold colors, then choose bright, warm colors, such as yellow, orange and vanilla. If the hallway is small and rectangular, then warm and bright colors will work best

Intense colors work best in a square-shaped hallway. Painting opposite walls in a darker color will optically lengthen the hall. Intense colors should be then combined with bright warm colors.

Proven tricks to optically enlarge space

If you want to optically enlarge an anteroom, paint walls white or pastel colors. Bright colors optically enlarge the space. To make the effect even better, paint walls on blue color. It will make the walls optically distant from each other, which makes the room seem bigger

To lengthen a small corridor, paint the shortest wall in a lighter color

If you want to intensify the optical enlargement of the space, then you should paint the walls and the ceiling with the same color. The interior will gain depth thanks to this.

To widen the interior, paint the cornice and skirting boards the same color. This will make the hallway seem wider. The cornice can be replaced by painted strips of the same width as the skirting board.

If the hallway is narrow and too high, then you can optically lower the ceiling and enlarge the room by painting the ceiling white. This color must go to the walls, creating a wide cornice at the ceiling. Under it there should be a strip of dark color. The walls should be painted with a light paint. The skirting board should be in the same shade as the strip located under the white cornice

Stripes – a way to optically manipulate space

The simplest pattern, with which you can manipulate the space, are stripes. If you paint the hallway in vertical stripes, the room will seem optically lower and wider. This is an ideal way to optically enlarge the hallway. By painting vertical stripes, you can make the hallway look smaller. Stripes in wider contrasting colors have more impact on the perception of the interior. Narrow stripes are best for small rooms – they optically enlarge them. Wide stripes will look great in a large room

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