Window seat in the kitchen – a great idea for relaxation

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Window seat in the kitchen – a great idea for relaxation

A window seat – whether in the kitchen or in a room – is associated with an American-style home. A large double sash window with muntins, a low, large windowsill and comfortable cushions is the dream of many

Such an arrangement could be seen in American movies. This is an element, which is perfect for a kitchen. You can sit while preparing dinner, drink coffee and read a book. It also builds a bond – children can stay with their parents who are cooking dinner at that time. Such a nook can be a great place to relax. Everyone knows that life takes place mainly in the kitchen. How to make such a cozy corner in your own home?

Where will a seat under the window work?

A window seat is usually large so that you can easily sit at it. Therefore, it is good if the view through the window is stunning. While spending time in this place, you can chat with your loved ones, read a book or listen to an audiobook. Children also often dream about such a place.

It can be a perfect enrichment of the bedroom. In addition, decorated with favorite cuddly toys.

And what about the kitchen? It is in it that most time is spent, often reading books, not only those culinary. During parties, in order to keep company with those preparing food at home, guests also spend time there. Such a corner will be a great diversification of the space. It will make the kitchen cosier

When developing a place for a seat under the window, it is worth choosing the largest of them, with a low window sill. If necessary, it can be widened so that you can sit on it comfortably. A suitable cushion is also extremely important. It is worthwhile for it to be permanently attached to the windowsill. It is best to choose a dark, stain-resistant material or cover the surface of the seat with a blanket. Decorative cushions to lean against are not without significance. They should be hard and compact, so that they will not deform.

The walls around the kitchen seat should be covered with washable paint – this will certainly make it easier to clean dirt.

Often there are radiators under the sills, so you need to remember about proper ventilation. It is best if the plate located above the radiator is made of wood, this will allow holes to be drilled and facilitate the exchange of warm air. You can also choose a decorative wooden cover

There is not always a radiator under the window, if the space under the seat is empty, you can put drawers or bookshelves in it

How to arrange the windowsill for sitting?

The arrangement of this place can give a lot of joy, but it is worth keeping in mind some basic issues

In the first place is the load. The windowsill must withstand at least 100 kg. Usually in such a place will fit a child and an adult. The choice of materials is equally important. When there is no radiator under the seat, it is worth reaching for a frame made of solid wood. This will significantly strengthen the structure of the seat. On the resulting frame is mounted plywood, which is lightweight and durable. Finally, upholstery foam is placed on the windowsill and any fabric is stretched, although you can also buy a ready-made cushion. The style and color of the fabric should coordinate with the kitchen and be stain-resistant.

It is worth remembering to measure the window sill carefully, so that the entire structure fits in the window. The seating space must be comfortable and give full freedom. Enough space to sit is about 60-70 cm. At the window itself, we can leave a small fragment, which will be a place for coffee or snacks.

It is also worth remembering that for a window to be functional, it should open outwards.

A seat under the kitchen window will add variety to the space. Not every home has room for it, but if there is, it is worth using it. The corner created in the kitchen will certainly become a favorite place for relaxation for the whole family.

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