How to teach your child to take care of the flowers in their room?

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How to teach your child to take care of the flowers in their room?

There should be flowers in the children’s room. However, they should be chosen very carefully, so that the child will enjoy them and will not suffer from contact with them. What flowers will be the best for a child’s room?

Plants are an important element of the interior design

Plants are one of the most important elements of interior design – they make the environment friendly, more attractive and healthier for us. A potted plant should always be chosen to match the interior in which it is placed.

A parent should be very careful when choosing flowers for the child’s room, because little explorers very often try the world around them, literally, so before buying a plant, make sure that it is not poisonous.

Choosing the right plants for your child’s room

Choosing the right plants for a child’s room is a very difficult task. If the child’s age allows it, it is advisable to discuss with him the choice of suitable plants for his room. Explain to the child what plants entail and how they should be cared for. The parent should supervise the child’s care of the plants.

Learning to care for plants

Before a parent can give plants to a child, he or she must first teach the child how to take care of them. For the first few weeks, the care of the flowers should be shared. This way, the parent can be sure that the child will not be discouraged by failure and will be able to handle the task. This is great if the child already has some household responsibilities.

If the child is younger, then you can teach him to take care of plants through play. It is a good idea to name each plant together with your child. This way, the child will treat their plants as friends.

If the child is very small, then the parent will probably take care of the flowers in the child’s room by himself. Then it is worth thinking about the location of flowers, so that they do not pose a danger to the child and vice versa. In the toddler’s room, it is worth placing flowers on the furniture and in suspended pots.

What plants should not be grown in the children’s room?

In a child’s room you can not grow plants:

  • poisonous:
    • poisense,
    • diphenbachia,
    • philodendron,
    • oleander,
    • monster,
    • cyclamen persian,
    • zamiokulkas,
    • trillium,
    • ivy,
    • ficus;
  • plantswith decorative fruits – young children are very likely to reach for such fruits:
    • coral solanacea,
    • creeping nerther.
  • strongly scented and flowering plants – they can cause an allergic reaction in a child,
  • cacti – they have thorns, which are dangerous especially for small children.

Best plants for a child’s room

The list of forbidden plants for a child’s room is long, but there are a lot of different species of potted plants that will work great in a child’s room, these include:

  • creeping streusel,
  • chamedora exquisita,
  • pilea peperomi,
  • nephrolepis,
  • zamiokulkas zamiolistas,
  • monstera hollowa,
  • hoja,
  • peperomia kluzjolistiana,

Edible plants such as:

  • chives,
  • parsley,
  • cress,
  • basil,
  • arugula.

Growing plants in the children’s room – what should be remembered?

  1. You should not grow poisonous plants, and if you already have them in your house, they should be properly protected from the child.
  2. Plants should be located high up so that the child cannot reach them.
  3. Avoid large plants and heavy pots – children may accidentally knock them over while playing.
  4. Keep fertilizers and other plant care products out of children’s reach.
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