How to water aloe vera?

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How to water aloe vera?

There is no denying that the fashion for aloe vera at home has returned. In addition, this is a plant that does not require tedious care. Wondering how to water aloe? We suggest.

Watering aloe vera

Despite appearances, aloe vera is very easy to care for. Watering does not have to be frequent, you can do it even once every two weeks. This plant can not be overwatered, because it does not like excess water. This seeps into the roots and it turns out that aloe vera begins to rot.

How to water aloe? Intensely, but rarely. It is much better for the plant when the soil gently dries out than when it is still wet.

Important tips for aloe care:

  • provide the plant with a bright and sunny place, and put it outside in summer,
  • fertilize once a month,
  • avoid low temperatures,
  • choose the right soil – preferably with the addition of gravel and sand, refer to the products intended for succulents and cacti in the store,
  • care for the leaves with a damp cloth.

Remember that the climate in Poland is not very friendly for this plant. That is why watering aloe is so important, but even more important – to ensure high temperature. In winter it is perfect for winter gardens or glass balconies. Unfortunately, it cannot be exposed to air which is a dozen or so degrees Celsius.

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