How do we get more light into our home?

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How do we get more light into our home?

Poland lies in a climate where we can only dream about sunny days throughout the year. However it does not mean that with the arrival of autumn and winter in our interiors must prevail darkness and gloomy, depressing mood. Just follow a few ways to enjoy more daylight indoors and not have to rely solely on artificial lighting.

Start with the outside

The first and easiest way to bring more light indoors for garden owners is to carefully analyze whether the vegetation, shrubs and trees growing in the garden are affecting the limited amount of light coming through the windows to the inside. If this is the case, it is worth taking care of trimming the branches of trees and shrubs so that they do not obstruct the light

Such a solution will not only benefit the interior, but also the plants, which will be relieved and will be able to grow again. Outdoor garden design issues are also worth keeping in mind right from the start, planning out the planting so that it doesn’t interfere with the flow of light into the interior of the building.

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Bet on mirrors

Despite the fact that in most cases mirrors are used for us to improve our appearance and browse in them, used in the right way in the interiors can not only provide more light in them, but also optically enlarge them

Mounting mirrors on the walls, it should be done so that they have the opportunity to reflect daylight coming through the windows. The current selection of models, shapes and forms of mirrors makes it easy to match them to the interior and create with them a stylish arrangement that will fulfill its function. In classic interiors you’ll find square and rectangular shaped mirrors set in wooden frames, while in those decorated in a modern style it’s worth paying attention to models in the form of wall tiles with geometric shapes of rhombuses or hexagons, which are perfect even in kitchens or bathrooms.

Open your windows and let the light in

If your windows have curtains or drapes, consider replacing them with day blinds or Roman blinds, which are making a comeback in interiors. Thanks to their construction they allow to shade the area, which we want to remain invisible from the outside, at the same time leaving uncovered space for the light to flow. However, if you don’t want to give up curtains, replace them with airy, semi-transparent styles that let more light through.

Opt for classic white in your interiors

This method is rather dedicated to people who are ready to radically change the design of their interiors and invest a little more money than the methods mentioned above. As you know, white is a color that perfectly reflects light and brightens interiors. Therefore, painting the walls in this color, as well as matching them with bright furniture, will introduce more light into the interior. Thanks to bright colors, the interior will also gain lightness, completely changing its character.

Many people resign from white in the interiors for fear of a “hospital effect”, but the interior arranged in such a way, can also have its own unique character. Just choose for it a few shades of white and furniture in light colors of wood, so that the room did not lose its expression and was not boring.

As you can see, sometimes a small change is enough to make the interior brighter and more spacious, sometimes such an effect requires renovation and rearrangement. In all cases, however, it is worth remembering that bright interiors have a better impact on our functioning, give us energy to act, put in a good mood and also look very stylish. Therefore, it is worth taking care of such an effect, not only for your own well-being, but also for a better presentation of the interior of your home, which are after all our business cards.

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