Bathroom in glamour style – ideas for interior design

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Bathroom in glamour style – ideas for interior design

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Shiny surfaces, crystals instead of traditional lamps, decorative mirror frames – these are just some of the elements that distinguish a bathroom in glamour style. But what to do to make everyone feel comfortable and cozy in it? We have some ideas for finishing this room!

How to achieve a glamorous bathroom?

The glamour bathroom is associated with luxury and elegance. However, the furnishings do not have to be the result of a large investment of money, sometimes just a few elements are enough to make the room look rich and cohesive. Here no decoration or material is accidental

The base for further decoration can be traditional white on the walls and floors. Classic black goes well with it, as well as contrasting shades, for example red, purple or navy blue. Definitely a bathroom in glamour style, in which the surfaces are glossy, and not matte, looks better. However, there is no problem to arrange a room in this way, where the floor is already fixed in a classic way, for example, with matte stoneware. The key to a successful bathroom design is to choose elegant accessories that are shiny and striking, for example, in gold or silver. In modern interiors you can also bet on copper or brass. For those who do not like intense colors, we have great news. Pastel shades are also perfect for glamour bathrooms.

You do not have to look far when it comes to the finishing material. Standard ceramic tiles will do just fine here, but you may also want to think about decorative tiles that will highlight a specific area of the room, such as the shower. Also consider large-format tiles, such as marble tiles

The glamour style in a bathroom can be both modern and more classic, even retro. Below are a few pieces of furniture that will make any glamour style bathroom beautiful, functional and luxurious

Furniture for the bathroom in glamour style

You should opt for modern bathroom cabinets with a glossy surface. Such a solution has many advantages, including easy care, and in smaller interiors it will optically enlarge the space. In every bathroom a modern cabinet under the washbasin, a console in the Ludwik style or a custom-made marble countertop will be perfect. If you opt for wall-mounted furniture, it may have mirrored fronts.

Free-standing bathtub – only for certain interiors

Freestanding bathtub is the quintessence of glamour style in the bathroom. However, it is worth fixing it in such a room, which is quite large. The bathtub becomes the focal point here, which distinguishes the interior and adds luxury to it. Around it should be free space, which is additionally comfortable when entering and leaving

Fittings that make an impression

Fixtures are an important part of bathroom furnishing. This should be consistent both at the sink and in the shower. For a glamorous style, ornate faucets, bold colors, and retro products will work well.

Decorating in glamour style

Opt for lighting that will accentuate the sparkle of other surfaces and accessories. You can opt for a crystal chandelier, as well as muted lamps, which will further create a cozy character in the interior. Popular LED strips will also work well in a glamour style bathroom. Then choose other accessories that will make the room look unique.

An important element here is the mirror, which can be stylized in an old-fashioned way, but heavily decorated. The frame should be matched with other accessories or decorated tiles on the wall, for example in gold color. If you opt for a modern form, consider other richly presented decorations, such as candlesticks, stucco or soap dispensers. All accessories should be consistent with each other, so they won’t look kitschy. Don’t overdo it when it comes to colors either.

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