How to choose the perfect shower?

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How to choose the perfect shower?

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The shower should not only be functional, but also aesthetic and fit into the interior. So what to follow when choosing a shower in your bathroom design? What materials and sizes to choose and how to fit into the budget? We advise you how to choose the perfect shower.

When decorating bathroom, the choice of the shower is extremely important. Attention should be paid primarily to the quality of materials from which it is made, on its size, so that the bathroom is functional and on the style, which will fit into the nature of the interior.

Which shower enclosure should I choose?

There are many types of shower enclosures available on the market. So which one will be the best? It depends on the size of your bathroom, its style, and even on whether there will be a bathtub in addition to the shower. The most compact will definitely be wall-mounted shower enclosures, which only meet the wall where the faucet is mounted, or corner shower enclosures. By choosing this type of shower, you will certainly save a lot of space. You can also choose from a variety of shapes – your new shower can be rectangular, square, oval, based on a circle or a quarter of it, or even a polygon if you like unusual designs. Also pay attention to the door. The most convenient are the swing ones, which open to one or two sides. Remember, however, that they require free space in front of the shower, so they work better in slightly larger bathrooms. You should also pay attention to the material of the walls in the cabin. The great solution are those covered with special glass coatings that protect against dirt and unsightly stains. Choosing your perfect shower enclosure you must check the offer of sklep eŁ

A bit of modernity, or a walk-in shower

If you want to have more room for manoeuvre in terms of bathroom arrangement, then you can completely resign from the classic shower cabin and choose the walk-in type. Such an open shower, is just a fragment of the bathroom separated by a wall of glass and mounted shower mixer. This solution is very impressive and looks great in modern interiors. It also works well in small bathrooms, which optically enlarges them. In addition, such a walk-in cabin is much easier to keep clean than the traditional one, because it does not have any hard to reach nooks and crannies. This solution has many advantages, but before you decide on this type of shower, you should also remember about its weaker sides. They include, first of all, the compiled preparation of the floor before installation. It is also worth remembering that this cabin will require your bathroom to be extremely well insulated and ventilated, in order to drain the rising water vapor.

Choosing a shower faucet

When buying the perfect shower, it is also important to choose a shower faucet. It should be made of durable materials that will resist dirt and scale build-up. You should also pay attention to the shower handset – a great solution are those with different types of spray. By choosing such a model, you are guaranteed that it will fit your needs. Also consider the purchase of a rain shower, for example the one available in the online store This is a modern solution, which has more and more supporters. Rainshowers have an interesting design and shape, as well as a whole range of streams, which will make your baths even more pleasant.

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