Wooden floor – light or dark?

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Wooden floor – light or dark?

A dark wooden floor, or is a light one better? Which one is more practical? What should you pay attention to when choosing the color of a wooden floor? Check!  

Which floor to choose – light or dark?

The floor gives character to the interior. Poorly chosen, it will spoil the aesthetics of the room. No wonder, after all, apart from the walls, it is the largest surface in any room. Therefore, before laying the floor, it is worth thinking about several issues. Think about what style you want to decorate your apartment or house. Other colors of floors will suit interiors decorated in Scandinavian style, for example, and others for interiors decorated in glamour style. You must also think about the finish of the walls – they must harmonize with the floors.

When to bet on a light wooden floor, and when on a dark one? We suggest!

Is it worth choosing a light floor?

A light floor is a hit if your house or apartment has small rooms. Such a floor in combination with light colors of the walls will optically enlarge small rooms.

Light wooden floors blend beautifully into interiors decorated in Scandinavian, modern and Provençal styles. If you are decorating the house in any of them, then to the light floor, be sure to match the light paint on the wall – the resulting effect will certainly not disappoint.

Are you planning strong colors on the walls and do not know whether a light wooden floor will be suitable? It will be, especially if the interior is decorated in the glamour style (we recommend such an unobvious combination: light wooden floors and ornamental wallpaper in a dark color) or in the nautical style (sometimes blue color appears on the walls, often in a strong navy blue shade). 

Is light-colored flooring practical?

Many people who like light-colored floors do not opt for them for practical reasons. Is this justified? In our opinion, not really.

Properly treated light wood floors will maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time. However, it is necessary to remember to wash them with products designed for wood floors. It is also worth vacuuming or sweeping the floors regularly, so that the sand brought on shoes does not scratch the boards. Also, remember not to move heavy furniture on the floor, and rearrange it – the risk of scratches will be significantly reduced.

Dark floor – for which interiors?

It must be admitted that a dark wooden floor is a very classic and elegant solution. In combination with light-colored walls, it will fit perfectly into rooms decorated in modern, loft, rustic and English styles. Dark wooden floors are a strong decorative accent in the interior, so when deciding on them, you need to think carefully about the other elements of the interior design. 

Wondering if combining a dark wooden floor with a dark wall color is a good idea? It is certainly risky and it is very easy to get an “overwhelming” effect, especially if you match them with furniture and other accessories in dark colors. A room with dark walls and dark floor seems optically smaller than it really is. This effect is very difficult to offset even with the right lighting or bright accessories.

main photo: unsplash.com/Gianmaria Saccenti

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